Weapon Types Time World

The 4 weapons in Time World, from left to right, Missile, Laser, Biochem, Carrot.

Time World includes many kinds of Techs to be researched. It can vary between techs that boost a specific type of weapon (Weapon Tech), civil technology (Institute Tech) and others (Laboratory Tech).

This article shows a list of Weapon Techs avaiable. Those are to be upgraded on the Laboratory building.

Weapon TechnologyEdit

Appearently no one yet had patience/time to transfer this chart to the wiki, not to mention it's not complete (still needs estimatives to be confirmed). Meanwhile, use the following link:

  • Damage: Biochem > Laser > Missile = Carrot Bomb
  • Lethality: Biochem > Laser > Carrot > Missile
  • Hit: Missile > Laser = Carrot Bomb > Biochem

A quick explanation of the individual stats. Attack is pretty simple, its your raw damage capabilites. Lethality is a post battle calculation, that determines how many ships that you kill are permanently lost. The 2 main applications of high lethality is pillar defense and defense from attacks. Hit rate is pretty self-explanitory as well, being the chance to hit opponents. That out of the way, a general comparison of the races by stats. So, Vereen has the highest damage and lethality, but the lowest hit rate. For a better hit rate, but still acceptable damage and lethality alcon is another viable choice. Humans have the highest hit, the worst lethality, and a pretty equally low attack damage. Mu is like human, just better lethality in exhange for hit. Hopefully if you are here to figure out before you choose your race, this will help your decisions.