Warning: Spoilers

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P_BOSS_0=Take us to your leader!
P_NPC_1=Over my dead body!
P_BOSS_3=Ahahaha, another corpse under my feet!
LOSE=OMG! We lost. But we will be back!
WIN=You won the battle and successfully weakened the enemy's force.
C1_TITLE=Planet Under Siege
C1_M0_NPC_0=Your Highness, the pirates are still taking our resources. Please defend our planet.
C1_M1_BOSS_0=I love the smell of burning metal in the morning.
C1_M1_ROLE_1=Space villain! You shall pay for your sins!
C1_M1_BOSS_2=Only if beauty is a crime then I have sinned greatly.
C1_M1_ROLE_4=Only thing beautiful about pirates is how they die.
C1_M1_NPC_5=Congratulations, we defeated the pirates inside the city, but there are some more on the outskirts. Let's get rid of them.
C1_M2_ROLE_0=Prepare to become space dust, pirates!
C1_M2_BOSS_1=Haha! Weakling, that was my line, but you are more useful to me alive than dead.
C1_M2_ROLE_2=You are definitely more useful to me dead than alive. All ships - fire weapons!
C1_M2_ROLE_4=Ashes to ashes, scumbags to dust.
C1_M2_NPC_5=Congratulations, the pirates have been defeated, but where is their boss?
C1_M3_BOSS_0=Don't mind my useless underlings. Let me take care of you.
C1_M3_NPC_1=The pirate boss is here. Be careful!
C1_M3_NPC_3=Congratulations, we have defeated the pirate's boss!
C1_M3_BOSS_4=Time to escape. See you later, alligators!
C1_M3_ROLE_5=Argh! He ran away! We need to take him out before he brings backups!
C2_TITLE=Bad Day to Be a Pirate
C2_M0_NPC_0=We saw the pirate boss went into his space castle. Let's go there and follow him.
C2_M0_ROLE_1=There will be no safe haven in this universe for him.
C2_M1_NPC_0=Oh no, the pirates setup an ambush. Be careful!
C2_M1_ROLE_1=Ugh... let's prepare - battle formation!
C2_M1_BOSS_2=Oh dear, you fell right into my trap.
C2_M1_ROLE_4=Such foolish trap can't stop me.
C2_M1_NPC_5=To get inside the space castle, we will need to defeat the security guards.
C2_M2_NPC_0=They haven't noticed us yet. Let's attack! 
C2_M2_NPC_2=We defeated the security guards. The boss's bodyguards are very strong. Let's make preparations and make sure our army is strong enough.
C2_M3_ROLE_0=In the name of vengeance, I smite thee!
C2_M3_BOSS_1=Huh, fools dare to challenge me?
C2_M3_BOSS_3=Ugh... sorry boss, I screwed up.
C2_M3_NPC_4=The pirate boss's force is much stronger here. We have built a very strong army and defeat him. We can't let him run away again. 
C2_M4_ROLE_0=Time to avenge our friends and family!
C2_M4_BOSS_1=Patience weakling. You will be joining them soon.
C2_M4_ROLE_3=If you tell me a good reason why you attacked us, I will let you stay alive.
C2_M4_BOSS_4=Someone pay me to attack... your planet.
C2_M4_ROLE_5=Who asked you to do this?
C2_M4_BOSS_6= I have... never... saw him in person, you will... not be able to... find him... unless you... have the... legendary gem...
C2_M4_CUTSCENE1_7=Suddenly, the pirate boss dies.
C2_M4_ROLE_8=What happened? He said something about the legendary gem and died.
C2_M4_NPC_9=Someone assassinated him to keep his mouth shut. Did he mention the "legendary gemstone"?
C2_M4_ROLE_10=Yes, he did.
C2_M4_NPC_11=Many centuries ago there was a "legendary gemstone" that can be used to find and travel to any location in the universe. The gemstone was broken into three smaller gemstones during the war against humans.
C2_M4_ROLE_12=We need to find these gemstones. Where do I start?
C2_M4_NPC_13=The gemstones are now in the possession the spirit leaders of the Mu, the Alcons, and the Veerens. Let's visit the Mu's leader first.
C2_M4_NPC_14=We have now taken over the pirate's home planet. Let build up this second base so we can strengthen our army further!
C3_TITLE=Challenge of the Saints
C3_M0_NPC_0=In the Mu planet there are three saints. We will need to find them and ask them for hints about the gemstone.
C3_M0_ROLE_1=How do I find the saints?
C3_M0_NPC_2=Saints are located on grassland, ocean, and forest of Mu's planet. Let's find the Grassland Saint first.
C3_M1_BOSS_0=Who interrupted my sleep? 
C3_M1_ROLE_1=I have come from far away. I need you to help me find the legendary gemstone.
C3_M1_BOSS_2=So you have come.
C3_M1_ROLE_3=You knew I would come?
C3_M1_BOSS_4=You will understand soon. Each three saints have one third of the gemstone's destination coordinate. If you need the part I hold, you will need to defeat my bodyguards first.
C3_M1_ROLE_5=Okay, Let's begin.
C3_M1_BOSS_7=So you are the one.
C3_M1_ROLE_8=The what?
C3_M1_BOSS_9=Never mind, all you need is here is my piece of destination coordinate.
C3_M1_NPC_10=Now that you have found the destination coordinate from Grassland Saint, let's pay Ocean Saint a visit.
C3_M2_BOSS_0=Young one, you have arrived.
C3_M2_ROLE_1=I am here to get the gemstone's destination coordinates. 
C3_M2_BOSS_2=A lot of people have tried to get the gemstone, but they all have failed. Show me your strength.
C3_M2_BOSS_5=This is my piece of destination coordinate. As long as you find the piece from Forest Saint, you can find our gemstone.
C3_M2_NPC_6=We need only one more destination coordinate to find one of the gemstone's locations. Let's go.
C3_M3_BOSS_0=You have come.
C3_M3_ROLE_1=How would you know I have come?
C3_M3_BOSS_2=The other saints already told us. You know the rules right?
C3_M3_ROLE_3=Yes, I do. Let's get this over with.
C3_M3_BOSS_5=This piece belongs to you now, but a very powerful beast protect the gemstone. I think it's best if you go home if you value your life.
C3_M3_ROLE_6=Thanks for your warning, but I must go on. My people will be avenged.
C3_M3_BOSS_7=You should assemble your strongest fleet before proceeding. Good luck.
C3_M4_BOSS_0=Haha, I waited all these years to finally see a challenger.
C3_M4_ROLE_1=Guardian Beast, I need the gemstone to avenge my people.
C3_M4_BOSS_2=Only the strongest one is worthy of the gemstone.
C3_M4_ROLE_3=Fine, if that is the way it must be.
C3_M4_BOSS_5=I am too old. Young one, here is my gemstone. I hope it can help you.
C4_TITLE=Magical Mountain Top
C4_M0_NPC_0=We took the gemstone from the Mu. Let's search for the gemstone in the Alcon Sprite leader's planet.
C4_M0_ROLE_1=Where did they put the gemstone?
C4_M0_NPC_2=Alcon spirit leaders have secured the gemstone on the top of a magical mountain protected by a force field. There are four elders who protect the stones on the four sides of the mountain.
C4_M0_ROLE_3=Okay, so we have to visit all the leaders. Let's find the Eastern Elder first.
C4_M1_ROLE_0=Hello, Eastern Elder. Our friends and family was killed in a pirate attack. We need to borrow the power of the gemstone to find the person responsible. Please good hearted elder, let me have the gemstone.
C4_M1_BOSS_1=I am sorry for what you have gone through, but how do I know that you won't use the power of the gemstone to ruin the universe?
C4_M1_ROLE_2=I just want to avenge my people. After I find out who the killer is, I will definitely return the gemstone. 
C4_M1_BOSS_3=I am sorry, but I am here to protect the Alcon. I'll fight if I must.
C4_M1_ROLE_4=Then I will try my best to change your mind.
C4_M1_BOSS_6=Young one, you have won. You can now challenge the other three elders. 
C4_M1_NPC_7=Let's go to the Southern Elder next.
C4_M2_BOSS_0=Who are you?
C4_M2_ROLE_1=Hello Southern Elder, I am here to borrow the gemstone.
C4_M2_BOSS_2=Why do you need it?
C4_M2_ROLE_3=I need to find out who is responsible for killing my people.
C4_M2_BOSS_4=Let it go young one. What if the truth is not what you want to know?
C4_M2_ROLE_5=It doesn't matter. If that happens to be the case, I will face the truth.
C4_M2_BOSS_6=Okay, then are you ready for my challenge?
C4_M2_ROLE_7=Yes, let's go.
C4_M2_BOSS_9=Young one, you have beaten me but let go of the past might be a better choice.
C4_M2_ROLE_10=Thanks for your consideration, but I must go on.
C4_M2_BOSS_11=Then I wish you best of luck.
C4_M2_NPC_12=We have defeated two elders now. Be careful, I heard that Western Elder is very strong.
C4_M2_ROLE_13=Let's prepare.
C4_M3_BOSS_0=Who allow you to intrude our holy mountain?
C4_M3_ROLE_1=Hi, Western Elder. I just want to borrow gemstone.
C4_M3_BOSS_2=What makes think you can take the gemstone from us?
C4_M3_ROLE_3=I just want to borrow the power of the gemstone to find out who's is responsible for the attack on our planet that killed our friends and family.
C4_M3_BOSS_4=How would I know if that is the truth? Show your strength. I hate those who don't have enough strength and wants to get the gemstone.
C4_M3_ROLE_5=You leave me no choice.
C4_M3_BOSS_7=What is wrong with me? I lost today.
C4_M3_ROLE_8=Thanks for letting me pass.
C4_M3_NPC_9=Congratulations! As long as you win Northern Elder, you get to find the gemstone inside the mountain.
C4_M4_ROLE_0=Hello Northern Elder. I am here for the gemstone.
C4_M4_BOSS_1=I heard the other elders said you were good, but I am much harder to beat. You must fight me to go the top of the mountain.
C4_M4_ROLE_2=Then it shall be done.
C4_M4_ROLE_4=Thank you Northern Elder.
C4_M4_BOSS_5=No need to thank me, you won with you own effort. Go to the mountain top to find what you need. But make sure you are prepared first.
C4_M5_ROLE_0=I wonder where the gemstone is.
C4_M5_NPC_1=Let's look for it.
C4_M5_ROLE_2=What is happening?
C4_M5_BOSS_3=How dare you try to intrude this Alcon's holy mountain?
C4_M5_ROLE_4=Who are you? 
C4_M5_BOSS_5=I am Guardian Alcon. The gemstone is the most precious and important item in our planet. You don't deserve it. You will regret coming here.
C4_M5_BOSS_7=You won, worthy one. The gemstone is located the tree 100 meters behind you. I hope you don't use the gemstone to do something bad.
C4_M5_ROLE_8=Don't worry, I won't.
C5_TITLE=Warring Tribes
C5_M0_NPC_0=Now we have to find the last gemstone.
C5_M0_ROLE_1=According to what you have said before, the last gemstone should be with Veerens.
C5_M0_NPC_2=Veeren's ancestors hid the gemstone and made a treasure map that was given to four different tribes. Since then, the tribes have been at war at each other. We will need to find those four treasure maps to find out where the gemstone is. 
C5_M0_ROLE_3=Why haven't any of them found the gemstone yet?
C5_M0_NPC_4=None of them is strong enough to take the other tribe's map pieces.
C5_M0_ROLE_5=I see, let's go then.
C5_M1_BOSS_0=Hey, who are you?
C5_M1_ROLE_1=I am here for the treasure map.
C5_M1_BOSS_2=Another silly one who do not fear death.
C5_M1_BOSS_4=I lost.
C5_M1_ROLE_5=I really needed the map. Forgive me.
C5_M1_BOSS_6=Stop the pity talk. Just take the map. 
C5_M1_NPC_7=We got the first piece of the map. That's a great beginning. Let's go get the second piece of the treasure map.
C5_M2_BOSS_0=Why are you here?
C5_M2_ROLE_1=I am here for the treasure map.
C5_M2_BOSS_2=How dare you trying to rob me?
C5_M2_ROLE_3=I need to borrow the power of the gemstone to....
C5_M2_BOSS_4=This is not the first time I heard such a lame excuse. Get it over my dead body.
C5_M2_BOSS_6=I lost. Take your map and leave.
C5_M2_NPC_7=We just need to work harder for the other pieces of the maps. We better strengthen army.
C5_M2_ROLE_8=Okay, let's make preparations.
C5_M3_BOSS_0=Hey you, I see you have two pieces of maps from the weaker tribes. 
C5_M3_ROLE_1=Yes, I do, so please hand over the piece you have.
C5_M3_BOSS_2=Watch your mouth, no one dare to talk to me that way.
C5_M3_ROLE_3=Then I will need to take it from you by force.
C5_M3_BOSS_5=I actually lost the map...
C5_M3_NPC_6=We are at the last step, let's proceed carefully.
C5_M4_BOSS_0=Are you here to kill me?
C5_M4_ROLE_1=Kill you? I just want to borrow the map.
C5_M4_BOSS_2=You monster. I will fight you to the death.
C5_M4_BOSS_5=My dear brothers, I failed to avenge you...
C5_M4_ROLE_6=What are you talking about? I did not kill your brothers!
C5_M4_NPC_7=Let's move on.
C5_M5_BOSS_0=Silly you...
C5_M5_ROLE_1=Who are you?
C5_M5_BOSS_2=Who I am is not important, but thanks for collecting the maps for me. Now hand them over.
C5_M5_ROLE_3=You shall pay for your insolence.
C5_M5_ROLE_5=Glad that was over with. Now let's combine the gemstones.
C5_M5_CUTSCENE2_6=Three gemstones combines into one. The Gemstone Guardian appears...
C5_M5_GEMSTIONE_7=Who summoned me?
C5_M5_ROLE_8=Gemstone Guardian, I summoned you. 
C5_M5_GEMSTIONE_9=What is your wish?
C5_M5_ROLE_10=I wish to located the person responsible for the attack on our planet?
C5_M5_GEMSTIONE_11=I know who, but are you sure you want to know?
C5_M5_ROLE_12=Yes, I do.
C5_M5_GEMSTIONE_13=He is located in planet number 31337.
C5_M5_NPC_14=That planet is far away, we need to find a planet to build another base near it. Can you help us locate one?
C5_M5_GEMSTIONE_15=As you wish, you will have your planet.
C5_M5_NPC_16=Gemstone Guardian disappeared. You now have another planet base!
C6_TITLE=Final Destination
C6_M0_NPC_0=It will be difficult to break planet 31337's defenses. To avenge our people, you must check out their strength.
C6_M0_ROLE_1=Okay, let's go!
C6_M1_BOSS_0=Who are you? Why are you here on our planet?
C6_M1_ROLE_1=Take me to your leader, I am here to challenge him.
C6_M1_BOSS_2=Let me take care of you first. 
C6_M1_NPC_4=Squadron 1 has been defeated. Let's move on.
C6_M2_BOSS_0=Intruder, prepare to die!
C6_M2_ROLE_1=Haha, I heard of that before.
C6_M2_NPC_3=Squadron 2 is dead. Let's go further more.
C6_M3_BOSS_0=You are the one who kill all my comrades?
C6_M3_ROLE_1=Yes, all who block my path shall perish.
C6_M3_NPC_3=The next two waves are led by strong generals of the enemy army, we need to be prepared.
C6_M4_BOSS_0=You won't leave the fight alive.
C6_M4_ROLE_1=We will see about that, won't we.
C6_M4_NPC_3=Let's go for get rid of the final wave and we can then kill the boss.
C6_M4_ROLE_4=We are so close, I can almost taste vengeance.
C6_M5_BOSS_0=You have come.
C6_M5_ROLE_1=Do I know you?
C6_M5_BOSS_2=You don't know me but I know you. I am afraid your journey ends here.
C6_M5_ROLE_3=Whatever, prepare to die.
C6_M5_NPC_5=This is it. Let's make sure we are prepared.
C6_M5_ROLE_3=I am ready!
C6_M6_BOSS_0=I have been waiting for you, my dearest friend.
C6_M6_ROLE_1=I am not your friend. Before I kill you, tell me why you ordered the pirates to attack my people and kill my friends and family?
C6_M6_BOSS_2=You don't need friends and family. All you need is power.
C6_M6_ROLE_3=You are a lunatic and a devil. It's time to send you back to hell!
C6_M6_ROLE_5=My people will be avenged! Die!!!
C6_M6_CUTSCENE3_6=Main Character attacks Boss, but is defeated
C6_M6_BOSS_7=You are still too weak. I know all of your weakness, you cannot possibly defeat me! LOL!
C6_M6_NPC_8=Let's retreat first. 
C7_TITLE=The Legendary Armor
C7_M0_ROLE_0=I lost, how was that possible? He knew all my moves. 
C7_M0_NPC_1=We underestimated that devil. We can still defeat him if we have the "Legendary Armor" and the "Legendary Weapon". With these items, he will not be able to harm you or predict your attacks.
C7_M0_ROLE_2=Where are these legendary items?
C7_M0_NPC_3=The legend says the Goddess of Wisdom protects the Legendary Armor and Ares protects the Legendary Weapon, but only the strongest can take it.
C7_M0_ROLE_4=Where are those powerful armories?
C7_M0_NPC_5=Legendary Armor is with Goddess of Wisdom, which is located at Dianna's galaxy.
C7_M0_ROLE_6=We will go to Dianna's galaxy first.
C7_M1_BOSS_0=Who are you? 
C7_M1_ROLE_1=I am here for Goddess of Wisdom, and you are?
C7_M1_BOSS_2=I am Fire Demon, protector of Goddess Dianna. I think you are here for the armories.
C7_M1_ROLE_3=Yes, take me to her now.
C7_M1_BOSS_4=Let's play a little game first. If you beat me, then I will let you pass.
C7_M1_BOSS_6=Now you can go find Wind Demon. She will tell you what's next.
C7_M1_NPC_7=Since the Fire Spirit asked us to the Earth Spirit, let's go find him.
C7_M2_BOSS_0=It has been a while since someone actually came here.
C7_M2_ROLE_1=Maybe I will be the last. 
C7_M2_BOSS_2=Hehe, we will see about that.
C7_M2_BOSS_4=Good battle. You can find the Water Spirit now. She will tell you the next step to get the Legendary Armor. 
C7_M2_NPC_5=Earth Spirit gave us a hint. We have to go find the Water Spirit.
C7_M2_ROLE_6=Don't you feel that we are being led by the nose to do these repetitive challenges, a broken movie or a boring novel?
C7_M2_NPC_7=We must do what is required to extract our revenge. Are you expecting to find a love story with many plot twists?
C7_M2_ROLE_8=You are right, let's move forward.
C7_M3_BOSS_0=Knock, knock. 
C7_M3_ROLE_1=Who is there?
C7_M3_BOSS_2=Water Spirit.
C7_M3_ROLE_3=Water spirit who?
C7_M3_BOSS_4=Water spirit that you will need to defeat to get the Legendary Armor.
C7_M3_BOSS_6=Aw, that's no fun, you won. Please go the Wind Spirit now. 
C7_M3_NPC_7=Excellent! Let's find the Wind Spirit.
C7_M4_ROLE_0=I think I saw something pass right by me, but I am not sure.
C7_M4_BOSS_1=You can actually see me? Never has that been the case.
C7_M4_ROLE_2=Who are you? Where did you come from?
C7_M4_BOSS_3=I am the one you are looking for. I am Wind Spirit.
C7_M4_ROLE_4=Oh, so that was you. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. 
C7_M4_BOSS_5=If you need the Legendary Armor, you need to get through me first
C7_M4_BOSS_7=You are really a fast and powerful. Since you pass my test, you can go ahead and find the Thunder Spirit.
C7_M4_NPC_8=Since we are so close to the Legendary Armor. We should Strengthen our forces. 
C7_M5_OBJECTIVE_0=Suddenly loud thundering noise surrounds you
C7_M5_NPC_1=What's happening? What's that noise?
C7_M5_BOSS_2=Who are you? Why are you here?
C7_M5_ROLE_3=I am here to take the Legendary Armor. 
C7_M5_BOSS_4=I am Thunder Spirit. To get the Legendary Armor, you must be able to tune out all noises and find your inner peace.
C7_M5_ROLE_5=Are you talking about the thundering noise?
C7_M5_BOSS_6=Yes, are you ready for the challenge?
C7_M5_ROLE_7=Yes, bring it on.
C7_M5_BOSS_9=So you are the one. Go see the Light Spirit. Once you pass her test, you will be able to meet the Goddess of Wisdom.
C7_M6_BOSS_0=Are you the one who defeated the previous five spirits?
C7_M6_ROLE_1=Yes, I need to see God of Wisdom get the Legendary Armor. 
C7_M6_BOSS_2=Yes, I understand. There have been a lot people who came for the Legendary Armor. You can't go forward if you fail my test like the others before you.
C7_M6_ROLE_3=I always ace my tests. Let's do this.
C7_M6_BOSS_5=You have pass all Spirit's challenges. You can now meet Goddess of Wisdom
C7_M7_BOSS_0=So you are the one who wants the Legendary Armor?
C7_M7_ROLE_1=Yes, Goddess of Wisdom. I needed to revenge my people.
C7_M7_BOSS_2=Are you sure vengeance is the wise path?
C7_M7_ROLE_3=I have no reason to live unless those who died in vain are avenged.
C7_M7_BOSS_5=It seems that you have become too powerful for your own good. You can take the Legendary Armor, but I hope you will change your mind.
C7_M7_ROLE_6=That will not happen.
C8_TITLE=Ares's Weapons
C8_M0_NPC_0=Now we only need to find Legendary Weapon.
C8_M0_ROLE_1=We shall make sure our army is strong enough, then we to Ares.
C8_M1_BOSS_0=You are the one with the Legendary Armor.
C8_M1_ROLE_1=Yes, do you know me?
C8_M1_BOSS_2=Of course I do. You are famous in the universe. Come forth!
C8_M1_BOSS_4=You have a lot of power in you. Now go find the Speed Guardian.
C8_M2_BOSS_0=You have come hero. It is time to test your speed.
C8_M2_ROLE_1= Why is everyone giving me stupid tests? Sigh, okay let's do it.
C8_M2_BOSS_3=Not bad. Now go find Attack Guardian.
C8_M2_NPC_4=To prepare for this fight, we should increase our defense tech research and refit our ships with more advanced defense technologies.
C8_M3_BOSS_0=Young hero. Ready or not, here I come.
C8_M3_BOSS_2=Pretty good. You will need to find Defense Guardian next.
C8_M3_NPC_3=We should increase our weapon technology research and refit our ships with offensive technologies.
C8_M4_BOSS_0=I haven't had anyone to play with for a while. Let's play!
C8_M4_BOSS_2=Looks like my defense isn't strong enough. The Patience Guardian will be waiting for you.
C8_M5_BOSS_0=It's the first time I am eager to fight someone. Start whenever you are ready.
C8_M5_ROLE_1=Sounds you should change your name to "Eager Guardian".
C8_M5_BOSS_3=Wonderful, you have beaten me. Next, you will face Rage Guardian.
C8_M6_NPC_0=After you win Rage Guardian, you will get to see Ares. Work harder!
C8_M6_OBJECTIVE_1=Enemy Sneak Attacks
C8_M6_BOSS_3=Looks like I have failed. I guess I have to let you see Ares.
C8_M6_NPC_4=That was close. Let go meet Ares now.
C8_M7_BOSS_0=Brave one, you have come.
C8_M7_ROLE_1=Yes, I need the Legendary Weapon.
C8_M7_BOSS_2=For a decade, no one has come close to taking the Legendary Weapon from me.
C8_M7_ROLE_3=That was before I knocked on your doors.
C8_M7_BOSS_5=Now you are the owner of the Legendary Weapon. I hope you will put it to good use. The weapon can also be used to transport to a hidden planet controlled by the wielder.
C9_TITLE=Final Showdown
C9_M0_NPC_0=We finally got the Legendary Armor and Legendary Weapon. Let's build up our new base, gather stronger forces, and finish that evil monster.
C9_M0_ROLE_1=We have been preparing for this for way too long. Let's go!
C9_M0_NPC_2=I recommend that we should still build more forces for the final showdown.
C9_M1_BOSS_0=Ah, you are that crazy one to attack us last time.
C9_M1_ROLE_1=I will make all of you villains disappear for good this time.
C9_M1_BOSS_3=Ugh, I can't believe I was defeated...
C9_M1_NPC_4=There are many more difficulties that lie ahead of us.
C9_M2_BOSS_0=Hey you. It's now time for you to suffer.
C9_M2_ROLE_1=There will be no mercy for you.
C9_M2_ROLE_3=Worthless opponent.
C9_M2_NPC_4=Lets go forward. Are you guys ready?
C9_M2_ROLE_5=Yes, let's go.
C9_M3_BOSS_0=You must have a death wish; I will help you fulfill it.
C9_M3_ROLE_1=You are mistaken; the wish is for your death.
C9_M3_BOSS_3=Although I cannot kill you, you will never get to our boss.
C9_M3_NPC_4=Be careful. There are many powerful enemies ahead of us.
C9_M4_BOSS_0=Haha, didn't you lose last time you came. You want our boss to give you another beating? 
C9_M4_ROLE_1=You talk too much for just a little pawn.
C9_M4_BOSS_3=I underestimated you. My brothers will avenge me.
C9_M4_NPC_4=Next army is headed by this general's brother. He is more powerful.
C9_M5_BOSS_0=You kill my brother. Die!
C9_M5_ROLE_1=Don't worry. You will be joining him soon.
C9_M5_BOSS_3=Brother, failed to avenge you...
C9_M5_NPC_4=Something doesn't feel right about this. There are so many enemies. Why wouldn't they attack at the same time?
C9_M5_ROLE_5=I have a weird feeling too, but it's too late to stop now. We must move forward.
C9_M5_NPC_6=Just be careful.
C9_M6_BOSS_0=Finally, you are here.
C9_M6_ROLE_1=We met before?
C9_M6_BOSS_2=Yes, we met before, but that hasn't happen yet.
C9_M6_ROLE_3=What a nonsense, prepare to die.
C9_M6_BOSS_5=You are going to regret what you are going to do.
C9_M6_ROLE_6=What do you mean?
C9_M6_NPC_7=We got no time. Let's just move on.
C9_M7_BOSS_0=So you have arrived. What took you so long?
C9_M7_ROLE_1=Busy sending your friends to hell, you are next.
C9_M7_BOSS_3=You will understand soon. We shall meet again.
C9_M7_ROLE_4=My head is hurting.
C9_M7_NPC_5=What's wrong?
C9_M7_ROLE_6=I have an awful feeling. I don't know why. Maybe we are heading in the wrong path.
C9_M7_NPC_7=Do you need to rest?
C9_M7_ROLE_8=No, let's continue.
C9_M8_BOSS_0=Welcome back, my dearest.
C9_M8_ROLE_1=Ugh, why you keep calling me "dearest", and why do you have to kill my family and friends?
C9_M8_BOSS_2=They weaken you. Don't you feel stronger without them right now?
C9_M8_ROLE_3=You ruthless devil, your life ends here.
C9_M8_CUTSCENE4_5=During fight with the boss, his mask of boss felt off.
C9_M8_ROLE_6=Why do we look exactly the same?
C9_M8_BOSS_7=That's because I am you. Why do you think you able to become so powerful so fast?
C9_M8_ROLE_8=Impossible! How can I be you? 
C9_M8_BOSS_9=I am you twenties years from the future. I came back though a time machine to help you become stronger! By trying to defeat me, you have become more like me. So what are you going to do now, dearest?
C9_M8_ROLE_10=There is no rule about time travel that says you can't kill your future self... so prepare to die!
C9_M8_NPC_11=Stop! Don't you see that you have been following his footsteps? Killing will only make you become this monster.
C9_M8_ROLE_12=... You are right, what have I done... Let's lock up my future self instead so I can change my own destiny.
C9_M8_BOSS_13=Fool! No one escapes destiny! You will find the map to the cursed clowns and...
C9_M8_ROLE_14=Guards, take this crazy impostor away and lock him in The Cell.
CN1_M0_NPC_0=Congrats on completing the "tutorial". The real game now begins!
CN1_M0_ROLE_1=Ah yes, time to conquer the universe!
CN1_M0_NPC_2=Why did you just issue an order to outlaw all circus and clowns? Afraid of what the future foretold?
CN1_M0_ROLE_3=Just a precaution, let's go hunt down some more pirates.
CN1_M1_BOSS_0=So, you are looking for someone to teach you a lesson?
CN1_M1_ROLE_1=Nah, I just need some practice target
CN1_M1_ROLE_3=Another one bites the dust.
C10_TITLE=Return of the Circus King
C10_M0_NPC_0=Your Majesty, the map indicates that there is a mysterious galaxy hidden behind the wormhole.
C10_M0_ROLE_1=Let's check it out, full speed ahead!
C10_M0_CUTSCENE5_2=You command your entire army to head into the wormhole at full speed.
C10_M0_NPC_3=... we have arrived at strange planet after passing through the wormhole.
C10_M0_ROLE_4=This rocky planet is shaped like a head of a clown. So this is the place where I turned evil?
C10_M0_NPC_5=...perhaps, but if your heart stays pure, nothing can taint your mind.
C10_M0_ROLE_6=Don't mock me with that nonsense, let's go check it out.
C10_M0_NPC_7=Please be careful, there is no information about this planet in the Star Search database.
C10_M2_BOSS_0=Hello stranger, welcome to Planet Rock. How may I help you?
C10_M2_ROLE_1=We are... um... tourists from a galaxy far far away, and we would like to visit your planet.
C10_M2_BOSS_2=We don't welcome tourists or any outsiders. Please visit somewhere else.
C10_M2_ROLE_3=Aww, that's no way to greet your guests. How about a warm welcome hug?
C10_M2_BOSS_4=Sorry. Please leave because Planet Rock ASAP. This is a dangerous place.
C10_M2_ROLE_5=Oh well, I guess I will just have to invite myself in.
C10_M2_BOSS_7=Fool! You're will be punished by the gods if you proceed further.
C10_M2_ROLE_8=I think the gods only punishes failures like you.
C10_M2_NPC_9=Please don't kill him, resist the dark side!
C10_M2_ROLE_10=Don't worry, I know what I am doing. Let's go.
C10_M3_BOSS_0=Who are you stranger? Vy are you here?
C10_M3_ROLE_1=I am just a visitor.
C10_M3_BOSS_2=I am surprised that Cadman let you through. Didn't he varn you not to enter?
C10_M3_ROLE_3=You mean that coward? He went to meet his gods.
C10_M3_BOSS_4=Vat? Vat have you done?
C10_M3_ROLE_5=Hehe, you will find out soon. 
C10_M3_BOSS_7=You demon! Ve must stop...
C10_M3_ROLE_8=Are you calling me a demon? Have you seen a demon this handsome? Be gone V-freak!
C10_M4_NPC_0=There is a circus show ahead. Maybe we should avoid it.
C10_M4_ROLE_1=Nonsense, why would I be afraid of bunch of clowns?
C10_M4_BOSS_2=Who are you calling a clown, clown?
C10_M4_ROLE_3=That would be me, funny one. If you got a problem, talk to my cannons.
C10_M4_BOSS_5=I can't believe I lost. You won, but...
C10_M4_ROLE_6=But what? 
C10_M4_BOSS_7=I suggest that you turn back now. Otherwise you will be walking straight into hell.
C10_M4_ROLE_8=Sorry, but I am actually here to banish hell. Goodbye clown.
C10_M5_NPC_0=I think there's truth in what he said. You might want to reconsider about moving forward.
C10_M5_ROLE_1=I got nothing to consider. I am not an easily intimidated.
C10_M5_BOSS_2=He-he-he, foolish noob, how dare you enter Planet Rock.
C10_M5_ROLE_3=What did you just call me?
C10_M5_BOSS_4=I called you a noob, N-O-O-B! Ha-ha-ha.
C10_M5_BOSS_6=Hey, you got lucky, but you are still a noob.
C10_M5_ROLE_7=It's nothing to do with luck; it's my power you dumb brute.
C10_M5_BOSS_8=Turn back now, or you will regret soon.
C10_M5_ROLE_9=Sigh... I am bit tired of hearing that...
C10_M6_ROLE_0=What a nasty smell. It's killing me.
C10_M6_NPC_1=Smells like decomposition from a corpse. Yuck!
C10_M6_ROLE_2=Let's move away from this area...It's killing me.
C10_M6_BOSS_3=Hello there pretty face. Why do you look so unhappy?
C10_M6_ROLE_4=It really stinks here. Can't you smell it?
C10_M6_BOSS_5=Hehehe... Isn't that what you came here for troublemaker? Since you will refuse to leave our planet, you will join my collection of skeletons after I feed you to my lions.
C10_M6_BOSS_7=You won. But the unpleasant rotten smell will stay in your head forever. Ha-ha-ha!
C10_M6_ROLE_8=What a crazy woman! Let's get out of here now!
C10_M7_ROLE_0=Ah I have a bad headache. It's killing me.
C10_M7_NPC_1=Your Majesty, you must have been poisoned by that smelly gas. We should head back and make peace with Planet Rock.
C10_M7_ROLE_2=No. I'm just a little tired. I will be fine after I rest for a while.
C10_M7_BOSS_3=You're finally here. I've been waiting for you for a long time!
C10_M7_ROLE_4=Ah... Who are you? Your voice is so sharp. It's killing me with such harsh noise.
C10_M7_BOSS_5=I am Blood Master's mistress. What did you do to my beloved? You shall pay for your intrusion.
C10_M7_ROLE_5=Ah... such awful noise you are making... Shut up or I will reunite you with your husband!
C10_M7_BOSS_7=My job is done now. Wait for me, Blood Master!
C10_M7_ROLE_8=Please, just shut up. I don't want to hear such noise ever again!
C10_M8_ROLE_0=Ah, crap. My head is hurting really badly now.
C10_M8_NPC_1=We should head back home to treat your injuries.
C10_M8_ROLE_2=Let's find what they have done to me, they probably have a cure.
C10_M8_BOSS_3=Congratulation! You have reached the end of the road.
C10_M8_ROLE_4=Please stop with the trash talk.
C10_M8_BOSS_5=What a stubborn desperado! I guess you're in great pain after fight with the Tamer and the Mistress?
C10_M8_ROLE_6=You must think highly of them. I dispatched them like the two pieces of cake I had for breakfast.
C10_M8_BOSS_7=Ah, you've got a sharp tongue. Maybe I should put an end to your pain.
C10_M8_BOSS_9=You are pretty good. You can still fight after suffering the poison gas and ultrasound attacks.
C10_M8_ROLE_10=Ah, my headache is killing me. What the hell have you done to me?
C10_M8_BOSS_11=The blinding lights from my attacks will magnify the damage done by the poison gas and ultrasound. It's the punishment for the intruders!
C10_M8_ROLE_12=Urgh... why are you guys so hostile to outsiders?
C10_M8_BOSS_13=We do so to prevent fools like yourself become prey and slaves of the Androids. We have been guardian the warp point to their planet for centuries.
C10_M8_ROLE_14=This Androids sound unfamiliar to me. Are they powerful?
C10_M8_BOSS_15=Absolutely. They are vicious killers. You must stay away from them!
C10_M8_ROLE_16=Thanks for the warning, but it seems that I need to pay them a visit so I can change my destiny.
C10_M9_BOSS_0=The bold hero, I'm surprised you have come this far.
C10_M9_ROLE_1=Tell me how to get to the Android Planet?
C10_M9_BOSS_2=The warp points to Android Planet is in the portal station that I am guarding. You must have a death wish to go there.
C10_M9_ROLE_3=I will make you a deal. Let me pass, then I will exterminate the Androids and free your planet from this burden. In return, you will cure my headache, and... make me the king of this circus!
C10_M9_BOSS_4=You have too much pride, young one. I cannot let you pass and become another slave of Androids.
C10_M9_BOSS_6=Please turn back and return to your galaxy. Your headache shall perish once you leave.
C10_M9_ROLE_7=Sorry, I came here on mission, and destroying the Androids should be exactly what I need to do.
C10_M9_ROLE_8=Let's go home. There is more than one way to change destiny.
C10_M9_ROLE_9=No, we can't turn back after coming so close to the goal. Old man, be ready to crown your new king when I return.
C11_TITLE=Android Dreams
C11_M0_NPC_0=Your eyes are red and your face looks terrible. This is not a good sign.
C11_M0_ROLE_1=The only thing I want to do now is to exterminate the Androids.
C11_M0_NPC_2=I think you may have suffered brain damage as well... but I have no choice but to follow you.
C11_M0_ROLE_3=Android Planet, Here I'm come. Ha-ha-ha!
C11_M1_BOSS_0=Ah, I have been waiting for a fresh fish for a long time.
C11_M1_ROLE_1=Yo, I have never seen something so ugly like you.
C11_M1_BOSS_2=Ha-ha-ha. Time to cook the fish!
C11_M1_ROLE_4=So much for the Androids. Why are those Planet Rock cowards afraid of?
C11_M1_BOSS_5=I'm just one of the toys of The Professor.
C11_M1_ROLE_6=The Professor?
C11_M1_BOSS_7=Our master. All Androids are the creation The Professor.
C11_M1_ROLE_8=Take me to him.
C11_M1_BOSS_9=I can't move now. The Professor is on top floor. Find him yourself.
C11_M2_BOSS_0=Intruder, identify yourself.
C11_M2_ROLE_1=Take me to The Professor.
C11_M2_BOSS_2=Are you qualified to see him? You have to get past me first.
C11_M2_BOSS_4=You get happy too soon, more of us are waiting for you ahead.
C11_M2_ROLE_5=Well, I'm going to eliminate all of you!
C11_M3_BOSS_0=You just got here? Can't you move faster?
C11_M3_ROLE_1=You must be a hurry to be terminated.
C11_M3_BOSS_2=We shall see...
C11_M3_ROLE_4=Hmm, what a load of metal crap.
C11_M3_NPC_5=Are you sure we should meet The Professor?
C11_M3_ROLE_6=Yes, defeating him should be the best way to terminate the Androids.
C11_M3_NPC_7=The Professor might be a formidable opponent if he can created all the Androids.
C11_M3_ROLE_8=Hmm, I don't see it. I think you are overestimating our enemy.
C11_M4_ROLE_0=You are an Android? You look just like a human.
C11_M4_BOSS_1=Although I have a human features, I do not have emotions that plagues human, which makes me invincible.
C11_M4_ROLE_2=Invincible? That's a funny joke. I will proof how wrong you are.
C11_M4_BOSS_4=The Professor will be very happy to see you.
C11_M4_ROLE_5=Then I will wipe that smile off his face, with my sword.
C11_M4_NPC_6=It seems that the Professor created the Androids by the study of various races.
C11_M4_ROLE_7=Such a shame, since I will terminate the evil Professor and all his creations.
C11_M5_NPC_0=The Professor must be monitoring our movements. We have a major disadvantage.
C11_M5_ROLE_1=I don't mind. He can watch death approach him step by step.
C11_M5_BOSS_2=Oh dear, you just don't know when to stop do you?
C11_M5_ROLE_3=When did you get here?
C11_M5_BOSS_4=The time when you defeated my weak sister, Dementor.
C11_M5_ROLE_5=From what I can see, you aren't much different from your sister.
C11_M5_ROLE_7=I told you, you're a weakling too.
C11_M5_BOSS_8=We will see who laughs at the end.
C11_M6_NPC_0=Although we have defeated many Androids, but it's insignificant.
C11_M6_ROLE_1=Why is that?
C11_M6_NPC_2=Defeating them is like to take apart an airship, they can be reassembled.
C11_M6_ROLE_3=So what, I will take them apart again and again, then when I get to this Professor, I will take him apart as well.
C11_M6_BOSS_4=Awesome, we have a new training toy, let's fight and see how strong you are.
C11_M6_ROLE_5=Yeah. You are asking to die. I will help you.
C11_M6_BOSS_7=Hmmm... maybe I want to thank you.
C11_M6_ROLE_8=Why is that?
C11_M6_BOSS_9=I now have a chance to receive some new parts from my master.
C11_M6_ROLE_10=Take your time. It's your last chance. Make sure you replace the logic unit as well.
C11_M7_BOSS_0=The Professor has a good taste. You are indeed a great subject.
C11_M7_ROLE_1=Stop talking rubbish.
C11_M7_BOSS_2=Take it easy. It seems that you are not feeling well.
C11_M7_ROLE_3=I don't need to feel well to take you apart.
C11_M7_BOSS_4=Your courage is fueled by ignorance. Perhaps your brain has been damaged by poison gas, ultrasound, and blinding light.
C11_M7_ROLE_5=How did you know?
C11_M7_BOSS_6=I know everything you know, dear future space devil. Those clowns are so weak. You are such an idiot to fall into their trap. 
C11_M7_ROLE_7=...So you a mind reader huh? I know today your last day of your existence, did you know that also?
C11_M7_BOSS_9=Okay, you win. You are indeed special.
C11_M7_ROLE_10=Take me to The Professor.
C11_M7_BOSS_11=The Professor want to see you too. He wants to trade with you.
C11_M7_ROLE_12=What trade?
C11_M7_BOSS_13=The Professor can cure your headache, but he want something from you.
C11_M7_ROLE_14=What's that?
C11_M7_BOSS_15=Why don't you ask the Professor, he is in the floor above.
C11_M8_NPC_0=We will meet the Professor soon. Are you sure you want to trade with him?
C11_M8_ROLE_1=I am here to put an end to him, but I also want to know what he wants.
C11_M8_BOSS_2=My dearest, you are indeed a nature born fighter.
C11_M8_ROLE_3=You must be the Professor.
C11_M8_BOSS_4=That would be me. Welcome to my planet.
C11_M8_ROLE_5=Save the talk. Tell me what you want.
C11_M8_BOSS_6=So Mindraker has already told you right? To cure you and make your stronger, I only need...
C11_M8_ROLE_7=Get straight to the point.
C11_M8_BOSS_8=I need your brain.
C11_M8_ROLE_9=What? Go to hell!
C11_M8_BOSS_11=To win or lose isn't important anymore. Even though you defeated me, I still got what I wanted.
C11_M8_ROLE_12=...what do you mean... what did you do to me...?
C11_M8_BOSS_13=You will find out soon. Now that I and the Androids will be of no more, you shall carry on our mission! Awake space devil, and follow your heart... Wah-ha-ha-ha!

C12_TITLE=Time Devil
C12_M0_NPC_0=Your Majesty, you are finally awake. 
C12_M0_ROLE_1=What happened, how long have I been out. 
C12_M0_NPC_2=You were knocked unconscious when the royal flagship was thrown back out of the wormhole.
C12_M0_ROLE_3=So we didn't find Planet Rock, what about the androids? Was it all just a weird dream?
C12_M0_NPC_4=I am not sure what you are talking about, but I have some good news. We have recently acquired an abandoned planet as a new base; it is shaped quite oddly though, like a head of a clown.
C12_M0_ROLE_5=How strange! I have just visited there in my dream!
C12_M1_NPC_0=Intruder Alert! A powerful fleet has appeared. Their commander is hailing us.
C12_M1_BOSS_1=Stop your transgression immediately! You are putting everyone's life in danger! 
C12_M1_ROLE_2=Lady, I do not take orders from anyone. Let me show you how we greet intruders.
C12_M1_NCP_4=Congratulations! We defeated the fleet and captured their leader. She wants to have a word with you
C12_M1_ROLE_5=Interesting. Let's see what this mysterious woman wants to say.
C12_M1_BOSS_6=The Android Professor has planted a thought in your head to free the Time Devil, the ultimate evil of the universe.
C12_M1_ROLE_7=So it wasn't a creepy dream. Who are you? Wh't's up with that ridiculous circus?
C12_M1_BOSS_8=Who I am is not important right now. We need to get you to Doctor Gale ASAP, so she can cure your mind and the show you how to defeat the Time Devil.
C12_M1_BOSS_9=She is imprisoned by the Android Professor in Planet Adversity, a heavily fortified space prison.
C12_M1_ROLE_10=Why should I believe all this nonsense? Tell me where is this Time Devil right now.
C12_M1_BOSS_11=He is trapped under in a secret labyrinth on Planet Delta, the entrance is guarded by my people. 
C12_M1_ROLE_12=Ah, then why should I waste my time traveling to Planet Adversity and rescue a prisoner? Let me get rid of the pain on your buttocks right now.
C12_M1_BOSS_13=No! Your recklessness will drag us into an abyss of chaos. Come back!
C12_M1_ROLE_14=Goodbye... you will thank for my recklessness after I defeat this Time Devil.
C12_M1_BOSS_15=... Forgive me... I have failed to deter your cursed destiny.
C12_M2_BOSS_0=Ah, there you are, the arrogant youth. Please stop your foolish actions. You will not be able to go pass me.
C12_M2_ROLE_1=Do not underestimate my strength. 
C12_M2_ROLE_3=Tell me how to find the secret labyrinth?
C12_M2_BOSS_4=I will tell you nothing... our commander will stop you from entering the hidden portal.
C12_M2_ROLE_5=Hidden portal eh? Thanks mate!
C12_M2_BOSS_6=Doh! My big mouth. 
C12_M3_ROLE_0=You are the commander of this lousy army? Your leader must be very incompetent to use such weaklings as the final defensive force.
C12_M3_BOSS_1=How dare you insult our noble Queen!
C12_M3_ROLE_2=Don't be so ungrateful. I am doing this to free you from your duties.
C12_M3_BOSS_4=You are making an horrible mistake.
C12_M3_ROLE_5=I respect your devotion. Remember, I'm helping you.
C12_M4_NPC_0=Activating this portal will open the space passage to the Time Devil's labyrinth. Shall we continue? 
C12_M4_BOSS_2=We're the Omega Guards of Time Devil! You must be very brave to come here, foolish one. We will drink your blood to strengthen ourselves.
C12_M4_ROLE_3=Awww, don't bite off more than you can chew.
C12_M4_ROLE_5=Guess I am too much for you to handle.
C12_M4_BOSS_6=Alas! I lost! But the Beta Guards will destroy you.
C12_M5_BOSS_0=Foolish peon! We Beta Guards will terminate you right here.
C12_M5_ROLE_1=Meh, go away before I'll crush your fleet like paper dolls.
C12_M5_BOSS_3=I have lost... what a shame!
C12_M5_ROLE_4=Yes, now go hide under that rock where you crawl out from.
C12_M6_ROLE_0=Let me guess, you must be the commander of the Alpha Guards.
C12_M6_BOSS_1=You must have some luck to survive till now. But now you can say farewell to your luck.
C12_M6_ROLE_2=Nah, I am all skills... and the only thing that will be saying farewell is head to your body.
C12_M6_BOSS_4=Although you defeated me, you will never be able to defeat our boss!
C12_M6_ROLE_5=If I get a shinny penny for every time I have heard that before...
C12_M7_NPC_0=Be careful, the power of Time Devil is beyond our anticipation. He is here.
C12_M7_BOSS_1=Thanks for coming to free me. To show my appreciation, I'll grant you a gift of death.
C12_M7_ROLE_2=How generous of you... but please keep your gift and save it for yourself.
C12_M7_BOSS_4=Feeble creature. This battle bored me. Now, it's time to say goodbye.
C12_M7_NPC_5=Enemy's fleet has fully regenerated after we destroyed all those ships!
C12_M7_BOSS_6=Quick, we must exit the labyrinth and deactivate the portal before he escapes!
C12_M7_NPC_7=... we prevented Time Devil from escaping, but that was a close call... We must not come back again until we are able to defeat him. 
C12_M7_ROLE_8=It seems that we must travel to Planet Adversity and rescue the Doctor ASAP, and this action must be kept in secret.

C13_TITLE=Prison Break
C13_M0_NPC_0=Your Majesty, we have arrived at Planet Adversity. It is a heavily guarded space prison that holds the record of having no prisoner escaped since it was built.
C13_M0_ROLE_1= I'm born to be a record-breaker. First of all, we should cut down their communications.
C13_M1_BOSS_0=This is the space prison Planet Adversity. Identify yourself!
C13_M1_ROLE_1=A genius on prison break mission.
C13_M1_BOSS_3=The enemies occupied our communication tower. Alert the guards!
C13_M1_ROLE_4=Flee! You aren't worthy of being my opponent!
C13_M1_NPC_5=Your Majesty, the Guard Legion is the next. We must fight them with all our efforts.
C13_M2_BOSS_0=We are the best guards among all the galaxies; any intruder will perish in a cloud of smoke. 
C13_M2_ROLE_1=This time you will be the one going up in smokes.
C13_M2_BOSS_3=Argh, my ships! Call the Warden.
C13_M2_ROLE_4=Looks like I am right, hahaha.
C13_M3_BOSS_0=I am Gree, the warden of Adversity Prison. Why are you attacking us?
C13_M3_ROLE_1=Isn't it obvious? You have someone I need.
C13_M3_BOSS_2=Who are you trying to rescue? My duty is to guard the prison, so you cannot proceed further.
C13_M3_BOSS_4=The Guard Legion is completely destroyed! We need to summon the Panghorn Family and their Halberd of Adversity!
C13_M4_NPC_0=Warning: the Panghorn Family and their battle fleet, Halberd of Adversity, are very powerful.
C13_M4_ROLE_1=Let them come. No matter what will happen, we will not retreat.
C13_M4_BOSS_2=Defeating a shabby Guard Legion does not require any skills. We Panghorns are undefeated since beginning of history. Prepare to die!
C13_M4_ROLE_3=Looks like I am about to change history then.
C13_M4_ROLE_5=No longer "undeafated" now, eh?
C13_M4_BOSS_6=... My family is full of strong and talented people, you will see.
C13_M5_BOSS_0=You will have a bitter taste of defeat from me!
C13_M5_ROLE_2=I believe that's the sweet taste of victory.
C13_M5_BOSS_3=My cousin will kick your sorry ass out of Planet Adversity.
C13_M6_ROLE_0=Hey, big guy. Your cousin told me you will kick me out. Are you ready to break your toes.
C13_M6_BOSS_1=I prefer to just squash you like the little bug you are.
C13_M6_ROLE_3=Who's the next? I've already wasted plenty of time here.
C13_M7_BOSS_0=I, the chief of Panghorn Family, the master Guardian of Adversity, will be your terminator. Swell headed youth - prepare to meet your maker!
C13_M7_ROLE_1=Don't be so dramatic, I just want to take one prisoner away.
C13_M7_BOSS_3=The shame of the family! A thousand years of glories are ruined during my tenure!
C13_M7_ROLE_4=What good is your glory when your family will no longer exist after today?
C13_M8_ROLE_0=You're Doctor Gale? I have come to rescue you. We need your help...
C13_M8_BOSS_1=Yes, I have been told you would come. Since you already went to labyrinth, there is no need to cure your mind now. I can still help you defeat the Time Devil. 
C13_M8_ROLE_2=I tried to defeat the Time Devil, but it wasn't possible because his fleet kept regenerating...
C13_M8_BOSS_3=A few years ago, I and a friend designed a device called "Hourglass" which can help stop the Time Devil. But unfortunately, an informer betrayed us to the Android Professor and I was captured.
C13_M8_BOSS_4=My friend managed to escape with the device and hid himself from the enemies. However, you must prove to me your abilities before I reveal his location.
C13_M8_ROLE_5=Sure, bring it on.
C13_M8_BOSS_7=You are indeed the warrior of the prophecies.
C13_M8_ROLE_8=Please tell me how to find your friend.
C13_M8_BOSS_9=I will give you a map of the secret valley of Ferme Mountains. My friend, Master Heddon, will be waiting for you there. Be careful, because he is a hot-tempered man and not easily convinced.
C13_M8_ROLE_10=I happen to know some persuasive ways. That's how I managed to come all the way here to free you.
C13_M8_NPC_11=Your highness. Our fleets have defeated the remaining oppositions. It's now safe to use this planet as our new base. 
C13_M8_BOSS_12=You must go find Master Heddon as soon as possible. 

C14_TITLE=Ferme Mountains
C14_M0_NPC_0=Master, we arrived at the Ferme Mountains. Our scouts spotted Android Professor's troops. They must be also searching for Master Heddon.
C14_M0_ROLE_1=So they probably know we are here as well.
C14_M0_NPC_2=Yes, please be prepared for the rough battles ahead.
C14_M1_BOSS_0=Hey stranger, you aren't here for the "Hourglass" are you?  I am here to take it for my master, so you must be stopped.
C14_M1_ROLE_1=I got bad news for you.  I already beat the crap out of your master, the Android Professor.
C14_M2_NPC_0=It looks like the professor deployed many android troops here.  We must take caution.
C14_M2_ROLE_1=I guess I will have to take out some garbage then.
C14_M2_BOSS_2=Haha!  I will find Master Heddon and take his "Hourglass", then I will become invincible.
C14_M2_ROLE_3=In your dreams.  Do androids dream?
C14_M2_BOSS_5=I once had a dream, when I used to be human...
C14_M3_ROLE_0=Your existance is pathetic.  Why don't just surrender and spare me the trouble?
C14_M3_BOSS_1=surrender: command not found.  session terminated.
C14_M3_ROLE_3=I am destined to be the one who purify all of Android Professor's sins.
C14_M4_BOSS_0=You there, tell me where is Master Heddon, and I will let you live.
C14_M4_ROLE_1=How dare a malfunctional imbecile threaten me.
C14_M4_ROLE_3=What were you saying earlier?
C14_M5_BOSS_0=This must be the entrance to Heddon's hideout.  I will soon obtain the "Hourglass" and become the most feared android!
C14_M5_ROLE_1=Hello.  I am here to deliver you a wake up call. 
C14_M5_BOSS_3=So close... yet so far...
C14_M6_NPC_0=Master Heddon's has assembled elite squads of bodygoards with advanced weaponry to protect the "Hourglass".  We should try to avoid confrontations if possible.
C14_M6_ROLE_1=We must obtain the "Hourglass" to defeat the Time Devil.
C14_M6_BOSS_2=Another android.  Even though you have found our hideout, I am afraid your adventure ends here.
C14_M6_ROLE_3=I am not an android!  I am a friend of Doctor Gale, and she gave me this location and said I need Heddon's "Hourglass" to stop the Time Devil.
C14_M6_BOSS_4=Nice try android.  You must have tortured Doctor Gale to get our location.  I will punish you now!
C14_M6_NPC_5=Looks like they won't be accepting any further explanations from us.
C14_M6_NPC_7=We won, but there are 3 more squads of bodyguards ahead us.  Let's make preparations.
C14_M7_ROLE_0=You must be Master Heddon's second defensive squad.
C14_M7_BOSS_1=Foolish machine.  Defeating the first squad doesn't mean much if you can't pass me.
C14_M7_ROLE_2=Oh, defeating you is something that will definiately happen - right now.
C14_M7_ROLE_4=We are getting closer to Master Heddon and the "Hourglass".
C14_M8_BOSS_0=You should be proud of yourself getting this far, but no one has gotten past me yet.
C14_M8_ROLE_1=I am just a tourist, and I want to checkout the scenery behind you.
C14_M8_BOSS_2=Once I capture you, I will show you the scenery of Ferme Mountain Prison.
C14_M8_ROLE_4=Sorry, but prison is not a place I would want to visit.
C14_M9_BOSS_0=I am the commander of the final defensive squad and the vice general to Master Heddon.  Your mission ends here.
C14_M9_ROLE_1=Don't underestimate me.
C14_M9_NPC_3=Congratluations!  Master Heddon is directly ahead.
C14_M10_BOSS_0=When did the Android Professor create an army that can defeat my guards?
C14_M10_ROLE_1=We are Doctor Gale's friends, not androids.  We need your "Hourglass" to defeat the "Time Devil".
C14_M10_BOSS_2=I lost contact with Doctor Game for a while now.  She must have surrendered to Adversity Prison's tortures and sent you here.
C14_M10_ROLE_3=Doctor Gale did not betray your friendship.  I rescued Doctor Gale from Planet Adversity and she sent me here.
C14_M10_BOSS_4=Lies, no one is strong enough to break the final defense of Planet Adversity Prison.
C14_M10_ROLE_5=Looks like I have to prove myself then, stubborn old man.
C14_M10_BOSS_7=You defeated me... so what you said must be true.  I will give you the "Hourglass".  It will prevent the Time Devil from manipulating the time continuum.
C14_M10_ROLE_8=Ah, that's why our attacks never can hit him.  Do you have something that can help shield us from his attacks too?
C14_M10_BOSS_9=I don't, but you should travel to Mille Crag Lake and find General Lane.  She has device called "Space Shield" that can help deflect the special attacks of Time Devil.
C14_M10_ROLE_10=I will be on my way then.
C14_M10_BOSS_11=I am not finished.  General Lane used to be my ally, but she now allied herself with the Android Professor.  She won't be giving you a warm welcome.
C14_M10_ROLE_12=It will be a fun adventure waiting for me in Mille Crag Lake then.

C15_TITLE=Mille Crag Lake
C15_M0_NPC_0=We have reached Mille Crag Lake.  It seems their defense is much stronger than any we have seen so far.
C15_M0_ROLE_1=Then let's see how strong General Lane's troops are.
C15_M0_NPC_2=Please be careful.  We should be fully prepared.
C15_M1_BOSS_0=You must be very dumb, because you are stupid enough to mess with Mille Crag Lake. 
C15_M1_ROLE_1=That's what the Android Professor and his minions thought too, but they are all crap metal now.
C15_M1_BOSS_2=You are the one who defeated the Android Professor?  You got lucky! Today Mille Crag Lake shall teach you who is the boss!
C15_M1_ROLE_4=Unfortunately, your strength is no match for me.
C15_M2_BOSS_0=Don't get too happy about defeating our scout squad.  I will make you regret coming here!
C15_M2_ROLE_1=You look boring and you talk boring. I will erase you from the world for benefit of all living things. 
C15_M2_BOSS_3=Ah, I have a headache.  I would not have lost without this headache...
C15_M3_NPC_0=The next three squads are commanded by Lane's lieutenants. Do not underestimate them.
C15_M3_BOSS_1=Argh!  I have fired those useless underlings.  Time for me to fix things straight.
C15_M3_ROLE_2=I am so eager to see the facial expression you will get when you get fired.
C15_M3_BOSS_4=Nooo! Did my control system lock up?
C15_M4_BOSS_0=Who do you work for? I am willing to pay you doubled wages. Would you work for me?
C15_M4_ROLE_1=Haha, that's a good one.  I might consider hiring you instead if you give me the Space shield. 
C15_M4_ROSS_2=How dare you insult me!
C15_M4_ROLE_4=I changed my mind.  You are not qualified to wash my toilet.  You better go get help! 
C15_M5_BOSS_0=I am the manager of Mille Crag Lake fortress.  Why do you attack us?
C15_M5_ROLE_1=I have no time to talk to the butler.  Hand over the Space Shield.
C15_M5_BOSS_2=Err, that’s like robbery?  Back up is coming soon.  No time to regret for your existence. 
C15_M5_NPC_4=He ran back into the fortress. Their backup is already coming. We need to defeat them before we enter the fortress.
C15_M5_ROLE_5=I see them now. They look very furious.
C15_M6_BOSS_0=We are the brave captains who will protect Mille Grag Lake until our last breath. You messed with the wrong army.
C15_M6_ROLE_1=And where is this army?  All I see is bunch of incompetent fools.
C15_M6_BOSS_3=Agh, I ate too much and need to use the bathroom  I will be back.
C15_M7_ROLE_0=You guys are better at finding excuses than actually fighting.  
C15_M7_BOSS_1=His tummy is not feeling so well, but I wouldn’t let you go so easily.
C15_M7_ROLE_2=I think you will want to run fast.
C15_M7_BOSS_4=I should have brought my talisman. It has always given my good luck. 
C15_M8_ROLE_0=You guys may look strong, but really you are just bunch of clowns. 
C15_M8_BOSS_1=You are about to lose your nose for saying that.
C15_M8_BOSS_3=Ah!  My nose! 
C15_M9_NPC_0=We just need to defeat that commander with huge beard now, then there is nothing left but a defenseless fortress.
C15_M9_ROLE_1=Hey you, yes I am talking to you.  You got lots of bells tied to that gigantic beard of yours.
C15_M9_BOSS_2=I tie a bell for every enemy I have killed.  I have 56 on me now. You are going to be number 57.  
C15_M9_ROLE_3=I refused. That thing looks too ridiculous.
C15_M9_BOSS_5=What have you done?  I am going to have shave my beard now!
C15_M10_ROLE_0=Dear General Lane. Your troops all ran away. Time to take the Space Shield from the rat hole and handed to me.
C15_M10_BOSS_1=You are worst than Heddon! I rather die than giving you the Space Shield. I will avenge the Android Professor as well! 
C15_M10_ROLE_2=ooks like I have to blow a hole in your fortress and take the Space Shield myself.
C15_M10_BOSS_4=Wait! I will give you the Space Shield. Please don't destroy my fortress.  It's also my future retirement home! 
C15_M10_ROLE_5=Thank you for the Space Shield.  I hope I will not have to come back, or you will have a very early retirement.  
C15_M10_NPC_6=Congratulations. We got the Hourglass and the Space Shield. It’s time to defeat the Time Devil.  He has broken out of Planet Rock and have already began invading nearby planets.  We need take them back first, then defeat the Time Devil.
C15_M10_ROLE_7=The final war has finally began.

C16_TITLE=Escaped Charrluzar
C16_M0_NPC_0=Your Majesty, Planet Meadow, a planet once was beautiful and serene, has been suffering from the ravages of minion army of Space Devil. Forests were burnt; Lakes polluted, resources over-exploited. We have to free the planet from the evil claws of the savage army leaded by Captain Charrluzar.
C16_M0_ROLE_1=Captain Charrluzar? What kind of name is that?
C16_M0_NPC_2=He is a giant goat demon. His followers are all goat head monsters. They devours tons of grass every day! That’s why the once grass covered planet is turning into desert. 
C16_M0_ROLE_3=Are you sure they are goats not locusts? Anyway, I will teach them a harsh eco-friendly lesson.

C16_M1_ROLE_0=Argh, my head hurts.  Where are we?
C16_M1_NPC_1=Are you okay? We are at Planet Meadow. Captain Charrluzar and the Time Devil's army is terrorizing this planet.
C16_M1_ROLE_2=Right, let's cleanse these demons first then meet up with our old friend, the Time Devil.
C16_M1_BOSS_3=There comes a fleet! Am I too hungry or does anyone feel the same way? They look like giant juicy grass! I bet plenty of delicious grass can be found in those ships. We are finally going to have a proper meal!
C16_M1_ROLE_4=Eat my bullets, gluttons! 
C16_M1_BOSS_6=Crap! They are intruders! I’d better go inform the captain.
C16_M2_ROLE_0=Who are you, weird goat head man?
C16_M2_BOSS_1=You are going to regret making fun of my look. Because I will tear you alive and hand your ridiculous looking human head to Lord Space Devil.  
C16_M2_ROLE_2=Oh yeah? With your horns? Taste my cannonballs first!
C16_M2_BOSS_4=I can’t believe my ships are all destroyed. I’d better run!
C16_M3_BOSS_0=Who dares to interrupt my brunch? I will eat you instead!
C16_M3_ROLE_1=Aren’t goats herbivorous? I am too greasy for you.
C16_M3_BOSS_3=The job is too dangerous and little pay. I need to find another boss. See you guys later. (flee)
C16_M4_ROLE_0=Today will be the doom day for all of you.
C16_M4_BOSS_1=I don’t think so. Because I will chew you up and swallow you just like eating a piece of helpless grass.
C16_M4_ROLE_3=Disappear as fast as you can and don’t show your face again on this planet. Or I will knock out your big yellow teeth and make you live on grass soup. 
C16_M5_BOSS_0=Strong enemies are always welcome. Defeating people like you makes me stronger.
C16_M5_ROLE_1=Only if you CAN defeat me.
C16_M5_ROLE_3=Am I your first enemy? A new born kid would have fought better!
C16_M6_ROLE_0=So… With a body gigantic as a mountain, you must be their leader?
C16_M6_BOSS_1=Quite obvious, isn’t it? Pathetic loser, you do get some nerve to return to the territory of Lord Space Devil. I won’t let you escape this time. I will destroy you and your fleet. And I will occupy all your planets!
C16_M6_ROLE_2=I’m afraid all you can get is bad luck.
C16_M6_NPC_4=Your Majesty, you defeated Captain Charrluzar. But he managed to escape to another side of this planet, occupied by his brother Charrluduar. Resources are almost drained by them. They built a fortress and hired a mercenary army to guard their colony. We have to set off now to overthrow the brutal regime of Charrluzar and Charrluduar. 
C16_M6_ROLE_5=These hideous goats. I will bring them to justice no matter how far they escape. 
C16_M7_NPC_0=We encountered a heavily armed enemy fleet. Prepare to fight. 
C16_M7_ROLE_1=Remind me to shave their hair off. Mohair has become a fashion trend these years. We will get good money by selling them.
C16_M7_BOSS_2=All gold and food on your ships will soon be mine!
C16_M7_ROLE_3=You won’t stand a chance to even have a look at them.
C16_M7_ROLE_5=Poor fellow. He fainted out of terror.
C16_M8_BOSS_0=That fool lost his breakfast money on gambling table yesterday. Let me end this joke.
C16_M8_ROLE_1=Are you sure you are not going to be a joke instead?
C16_M8_ROLE_3=Who’s next? Why don’t you all come together and let me win this once and for all?
C16_M9_BOSS_0=I didn’t know that Baron Munchausen was here? How do you know that we are short of resources and food? And you voluntarily bring these to me? I’m deeply touched.
C16_M9_ROLE_1=So touched that you will burst into tears later.
C16_M9_BOSS_3=No! My last resources! You burnt my last resources!
C16_M10_ROLE_0=Seem like the resources on this planet has indeed been exhausted.
C16_M10_BOSS_1=What planet are you from? Your planet must be fertile as Your fleet is so well equipped. Hand over your planet and I might consider sparing your life!
C16_M10_ROLE_2=Stop the nonsense! You are greedier than goats.
C16_M10_ROLE_4=Ironically, your strength is only about 1% strong as your desire.
C16_M11_BOSS_0=I can’t believe you made it this far. It seems that it’s the two extraordinary weapons you equipped helped you win the battles. Interesting... I shall defeat you and pocket them.
C16_M11_ROLE_1=Tons of people casted their greedy eyes on my weapons. But they all ended up tragically. 
C16_M11_ROLE_3=Dude, having a clear estimation of yourself and your enemy is essential if you want to be a successful bandit. 
C16_M12_BOSS_0=Why don’t you join the mercenary army, young man? You can earn a sky-high commission with your weapons.
C16_M12_ROLE_1=I refuse to sell my belief and soul just for some gold.
C16_M12_BOSS_3=Unrepentant! You are dashing toward your own destruction. 
C16_M13_ROLE_0=I don’t have time to play with you. Let’s make it quick.
C16_M13_BOSS_1=Looking for a quick death? I will grant you the wish then.
C16_M13_ROLE_3=You stole my line! I am pretty sure I am not going to die for another 50 years.
C16_M14_NPC_0=Charrluduar, Charrluzar’s brother, appeared, along with him his elite fleet and remnants of Charrluzar’s army. 
C16_M14_ROLE_1=It’s time to end the misery of this planet.
C16_M14_BOSS_2=Damned human. You shall pay for my brother’s loss! Wait. What are those? I have never seen such advanced weapons… The totem on that shield is the symbol of General Lance!
C16_M14_ROLE_3=Yes. It’s a gift from General Lance. He gave it to me when he heard that I was intended to end your brutal regime.
C16_M14_BOSS_4=I can’t believe that dirty rat would turn his back on Android Professor and Lord Space Devil. I will finish you first and go kick his butt!
C16_M14_ROLE_5=I assure you that at the end of this battle, none of your ships will be able to fly any more. And I won’t let you hitchhike.
C16_M14_NPC_7=Your Majesty, the fleet of Charrluduar is completely annihilated by us, not a single one survive.
C16_M14_ROLE_8=Good. Now they know I am a man of my word.

C17_TITLE=The End of Time
C17_M0_NPC_0=Your Majesty, we have successfully repelled all the minions of Charrluzar and Charrluduar.
C17_M0_NPC_1= People express their gratitude to us and invite us to revisit after the reconstruction is completed. Our job here is done. We should head out to confront Time Devil.
C17_M0_ROLE_2=Hopefully these 2 powerful weapons will help me defeat him.
C17_M0_NPC_3=During this period, Time Devil has gained more strength and lackeys. What’s waiting ahead is beyond imagine. Your first enemy is the new commander of Fleet No.5. They are firing at us already!
C17_M1_ROLE_0=The military forces of Time Devil have indeed become much stronger.
C17_M1_BOSS_1=Who dares to trespass the territory of Lord Time Devil? Tremble before the power of the great Lord!
C17_M1_ROLE_3=You must have lost you mind that you are willing to aid Time Devil. Don't you know that he is a cruel devil aiming at conquering all the planets in this universe at all costs? Including yours!
C17_M1_BOSS_4=That's impossible! He saved my planet from a swarm of invaders. Another commander of the Lord's, Commander Cobra, came that day to help, too. That's why I pledged my loyalty to the Lord. 
C17_M1_ROLE_5=Wake up! You have been fooled by his scheme. Those intruders must have been sent by him to deceive you so that you would fight for him. What do you think you are doing now? You are invading other people's home planets!
C17_M1_BOSS_6=I will go find Cobra and confirm this. If it is indeed what you said, I will slay them with my own hands.
C17_M2_BOSS_0=I know we cannot count on that girl. People with conscience are tractable but untrustworthy! Filthy intruders, I suggest you disarm and surrender. I may consider sparing your life.
C17_M2_ROLE_1=This planet does not belong to you! Get out of here and never come back!
C17_M2_ROLE_3=That was easy! He is much weaker than I expected.
C17_M3_NPC_0=The commander of Fleet No. 3 is an experienced raiding force leader. Please take care.
C17_M3_ROLE_1=No worries. I'm all prepared for a tough battle. I'm sure my soldiers are as well. What the… A kid?
C17_M3_BOSS_2=That's the most ridiculous insult I have heard… in the past 5 minutes. Bring it on, you stupid good-for-nothing old-looking man!
C17_M3_ROLE_4=She does live up to her reputation, but she looks like 10 at most.
C17_M4_BOSS_0=Look at who's here! You have been my idol since I was a kid. I'm so honored to have you here. Come, I have prepared a banquet to welcome you.
C17_M4_ROLE_1=I was not even born when you were a 'kid'!  That's the fakest lie I have ever heard!
C17_M4_BOSS_2=Hm…You are smarter than most of my men. They believe everything I told them.
C17_M4_ROLE_4=Honestly, I don't think they actually 'believe' you. They just don't bother to argue with you.
C17_M4_BOSS_5=You are so mean!
C17_M4_ROLE_6=Truth is always hurtful.
C17_M5_NPC_0=We will be facing Cobra next, the commander of Fleet No.1. He is also one of the four Dark Guardians. He is the mysterious one. Not much information can be found about him. 
C17_M5_ROLE_1=Then we will prepare for the worst. I wonder what happen to Amy.
C17_M5_BOSS_2=Amy, you should be grateful that we spared your planet and trained you into a good leader. Is this how you thank us? Letting the enemies enter?
C17_M5_BOSS170100_3=Stop pretending! You plotted the whole thing to trick me into helping you! Into conquering peaceful planets and firing at the unarmed civilians! You are twisted!
C17_M5_BOSS_4=I will take that as a compliment. But don't you forget who you have become? You have slaughtered no less people than I have.
C17_M5_CUTSCENE5_5=Amy punched Cobra in the nose and they began to fight each other with bare hands. Soon Amy was knocked down. She took something from Cobra when she fell.
C17_M5_BOSS_7=A knight in shining armor comes to rescue. What a lovely but tragic fairy tale! Because I will send both of you to death.
C17_M5_ROLE_8=You can try.
C17_M5_ROLE_10=He is really a tough guy. For some moments, I thought we were going to lose. How's Amy?
C17_M5_BOSS170100_11=Thank you for making me realize what I was doing. Here, take this. I don't know what it is but it's crucial to Time Devil.
C17_M5_ROLE_12=Thank you. I will figure that out myself. Stay here and rest. You are badly injured.
C17_M6_NPC_0=What is waiting ahead is unknown. We must stay alert as we might get attacked any second.
C17_M6_ROLE_1=I wonder what this sparkling thing is used for. It feels as if it is trying to control my mind when touching it… This place is beautiful yet disturbing. Who is there!
C17_M6_BOSS_2=I'm Veronica, the honorable Dark Guardian who is in charge of this territory. So you are the leader of these intruders?
C17_M6_BOSS_3=Wait. Why are you holding the Crystal of Time? What happen to Cobra? He is supposed to guard the Crystal. Give it to me!
C17_M6_ROLE_4=Too many questions. I will answer yours if you answer one question of mine: what is Crystal of Time?
C17_M6_NPC_5=Veronica is the only female in the four Dark Guardians. She even ranks above Cobra. I assume she is harder to deal with, too.
C17_M6_ROLE_6=Maybe it's because there are no other females to compete with her.
C17_M6_BOSS_7=You made it here. Even Cobra is defeated by you, quite impressive. I love to fight with strong opponents and crush their confidence!
C17_M6_BOSS_9=Don't expect I will beg you for mercy. Just kill me! The other two Guardians will revenge us!
C17_M6_ROLE_10=I'm not afraid of any of you. I will go find them and destroy their fleets just like I destroyed yours. I won't kill you. You shall spend the rest of your life behind the cold bars of space prison.
C17_M7_NPC_0=It's mid summer yet it is freezing cold here. We must have entered Frozen Vale, the territory of Rafael. It's said that Rafael is so gorgeous that any one meets him will be obsessed with his look and turn into his loyal follower.
C17_M7_ROLE_1=Tell the soldiers, do not get confused by Rafael's look; remember by heart that he is a devil that is hideous inside.
C17_M7_BOSS_2=Beautiful speech. (Rafael claps his hand gracefully.) Ugly face. Fire!
C17_M7_NPC_3=Look out!
C17_M7_ROLE_5=Your beautiful appearance clearly was not able to help you win the battle. 
C17_M7_NPC_6=The ice is melting. Quick, let's get out of here.
C17_M8_NPC_0=It's hot like hell here. It must be Flame Ridge, the territory of Sebadoah, the Guardian leader. Sebadoah is also known by the name "Death". He is unbeatable.
C17_M8_ROLE_1=Until he meets me.
C17_M8_BOSS_2=Who are causing trouble out there? Crystal of Time? You can't win even with the help of the Crystal of Time. Though I'm pretty sure you don't have a clue how to use it.
C17_M8_ROLE_4=It's sarcastic that even without the help of any crystal or jewel, I still beat you. Now join your accomplices in the prison, Death.
C17_M8_NPC_5=I found Sebadoah's diary. Here it says, "The Guardians are all hunger for the Crystal of Time's power but only the Lord knows how to utilize it. If my conjecture is right, the Lord will lose most of his power if the Crystal is destroyed."
C17_M8_ROLE_6=Hm... Let me testify if it is true.
C17_M9_BOSS_0=What did you just do! I will torture you to death for destroying my source of power! It's my biggest mistake to trust the 4 incompetent Guardians to guard my Crystal of Time! 
C17_M9_ROLE_1=It's true then. I'm here to send you back to where you belong, Time Devil, and I forbid you to enter this world again.
C17_M9_BOSS_2=Even with your little trick that weakened my power, I can still kill you like squishing a bug!
C17_M9_ROLE_4=He is formidable even with most of his power gone. Luckily, the two weapons are indeed effective against him.
C17_M9_BOSS_5=(Time Devil gets shot and is dying.) You came prepared. You even managed to get these two weapons. I never thought that I, the invincible great Lord of Time, would someday be defeated by a… (Time Devil dies.)
C17_M9_ROLE_6=Farewell, Time Devil. Ah! What's happening? … Where are we?
C17_M9_BOSS_7=Time Devil's death has brought us into a space where time does not exist.

C18_TITLE=A World Without Time
C18_M0_ROLE_0=This place looks too weird. How can we get back?
C18_M0_NPC_1=I have absolutely no idea. Maybe we can't.
C18_M0_ROLE_2=You are kidding, right?
C18_M0_NPC_3=Actually no… Hey look! What's that?
C18_M1_ROLE_0=A reconstructed battleship? It looks like a failed work. It must have been abandoned by the owner.
C18_M1_BOSS_1=Who dares to insult my battleship? "A failed work"? I will show you whether it is a failed work or not!
C18_M1_ROLE_3=Stop… Lady, please calm down! Let me explain.
C18_M1_BOSS_4=There is nothing to explain. What you meant is pretty clear!
C18_M1_ROLE_5=That's my first impression. We all know that first impressions are not unreliable. That battle just showed me how powerful your battleship is.
C18_M1_ROLE_6=In fact, your battleship is one of the most advanced battleships I have ever seen! 
C18_M1_BOSS_7=It surely is!
C18_M2_BOSS_0=Rosaline, Hansel's troop will be here soon. You'd better leave or Hansel will capture you and hold you prisoner for as long as he can.
C18_M2_BOSS_1=He's not fond of your planet and he has always wanted you to reconstruct battleships for him. 
C18_M2_BOSS_2=Don't say that I haven't done anything for you, best friend. ... Who is this man? I don't think I have seen him?
C18_M2_ROLE_3=(thinking) It seems that a civilization exists in this place. Do these people know how to leave this place? 
C18_M2_ROLE_4=Maybe they don't, or they would've visited us... Or maybe they know, but they have been hiding from us because they don't want to share the rich resources here…
C18_M2_BOSS_5=Who are you? Why did you come to our planet? Hey! Are you dumb? Stop staring at us and answer my questions!
C18_M2_ROLE_6=I'm not obliged to answer any of your questions.
C18_M2_BOSS_7=Good. I will make you talk!
C18_M2_ROLE_9=If you want me to answer your questions, ask me nicely!
C18_M2_BOSS_10=No way. I don't want the answers that badly anyway. Rosaline, you really must go now. I must return immediately as well before Colonel Hansel notices that I am missing.
C18_M3_BOSS_0=Major Miriam? Why are you here already? You came here to notify Rosaline, didn't you? How dare you! You disobeyed me and you helped the enemy! Soldiers, arrest her!
C18_M3_ROLE_1=No, Colonel Hansel. I defeated and drove Rosaline away before Major Miriam got here. I think Major Miriam got here early because she was eager to capture Rosaline.
C18_M3_BOSS_2=Then I shall put you in prison instead, trespassers!
C18_M3_ROLE_4=I did you a favor. I drove your enemies away. Aren't you supposed to be grateful?
C18_M3_ROLE_6=Could you tell me what this place is, Colonel Hansel? I have just arrived on your planet, er, by accident. 
C18_M3_BOSS_7=By accident? I believe you meant illegal invasion. This is Planet Crimson. I am the colonel of Planet Crimson's army and the planet leader is my cousin!
C18_M3_ROLE_8=According to the signs, I believe time doesn't exist here? And there is no way to get out of this space? What should I do if I want to get out of this space?
C18_M3_ROLE_9=Resume the time to this space? Please tell me everything you know.
C18_M3_BOSS_10=You have chosen the right person to ask these questions. I happen to know some valuable information about this. Come here. I heard... years ago... something happened that made time disappear from here.
C18_M3_BOSS_11=This space has since been isolated from the rest of the world.
C18_M3_ROLE_12=Something happened… What a specific answer.
C18_M3_NPC_13=There must be a way out. If we can get in here, then we should be able to get out as well.
C18_M3_ROLE_14=Their planet leader! The leader of this planet must know!
C18_M4_BOSS_0=How dare you hurt Hansel? You must pay for what you did.
C18_M4_ROLE_1=I didn't mean to fight him at all. He attacked me. I'm injured, too.
C18_M4_BOSS_2=I don't believe you. Hands up! You will spend your next few weeks behind bars for attacking the colonel of Planet Crimson!
C18_M4_NPC_4=Even I can't stand it any more. That girl is unreasonable.
C18_M4_ROLE_5=I will not go to jail because I have defended myself from a bully. Now stay out of my way.
C18_M4_BOSS_6=Maybe I can't beat you, but my sister can squash you like a bug. Come to our castle if you dare, coward!
C18_M4_ROLE_7=Who's your sister?
C18_M4_BOSS_8=Come find out yourself!
C18_M5_ROLE_0=Er… there is a problem - the wayward girl didn't tell us where her castle is.
C18_M5_NPC_1=She and her sister must be important people if they live in a castle. I think they can lead us to the planet leader. We should go to her castle, teach her a lesson and make her take us to the planet leader.
C18_M5_NPC_2=There is a troop of guards. Let's go ask them about the castle.
C18_M5_BOSS_3=Who's wandering at night? Don't you know the city is under a curfew? Go home immediately!
C18_M5_ROLE_6=Sorry, we know nothing about the curfew as we are not local citizens. We are sort of invited to a castle on this planet, but the girl who invited us didn't tell us the castle's specific location.
C18_M5_ROLE_7=Can you tell us where we can find a castle?
C18_M5_BOSS_8=There is only one castle on this planet. Are you telling me that you were invited to our planet leader's house?
C18_M5_ROLE_9=Er… Maybe? The castle is the leader's home? Then you definitely know where it is located. Please show us the way.
C18_M5_BOSS_10=I'm not telling you anything. Are you planning to assassin our leader? You will not succeed.
C18_M6_NPC_0=I can see the top of the castle. The guard leader is leading us to the right place.
C18_M6_ROLE_1=Because he is an honest man. Don't worry, young guard leader, I have no intention to murder your planet leader.
C18_M6_NPC_2=Yes, we can assure you of that.
C18_M6_BOSS_3=Nigel! What do you trespassers want from him? Let him go!
C18_M6_ROLE_4=Ugh, I really hate the word "trespasser" now. Lady, you might find it hard to believe but we have no intention to hurt your friend Nigel. Please step aside. I don't want to fight you.
C18_M6_BOSS_5=He is bleeding!
C18_M6_BOSS_7=Release Nigel and take me.
C18_M6_ROLE_8=No. If we release him now, he will surely bring the army. I'm afraid both of you have to stay with us for now, but I promise I will release you once I meet your planet leader. You can now bandage his wounds.
C18_M6_NPC_10=I'm glad she didn't run and alert the planet leader. She really should've done that if we were bad guys and she wanted to save her beloved Nigel.
C18_M6_ROLE_11=Because she has lost her mind over the young guard leader already.
C18_M7_NPC_0=I overheard our love birds saying that a troop led by Nigel's brother was right ahead.
C18_M7_ROLE_1=Soldiers, prepare for war.
C18_M7_BOSS_2=Idiots! You brought enemies here? I'm ashamed of you, Nigel.
C18_M7_ROLE_3=Why does he treat his brother like his enemy?
C18_M7_BOSS_4=You have brought shame to the family, Nigel. Even patrolling the city is too much to ask of you.
C18_M7_ROLE_6=Stop insulting your brother. Just because you have a higher rank doesn't mean you have the right to belittle your brother or anyone else.
C18_M7_NPC_7=Your Highness, I think we've overlooked something very important.
C18_M7_NPC_9=The first arrogant man and the unreasonable girl should have reported us and alerted the leader. The army should be on the way now.
C18_M8_NPC_0=There they come - several fleets. Hansel has returned with them. He is standing next to a big guy. That must be their leader.
C18_M8_ROLE_1=Who are you? Are you the leader of Planet Crimson?
C18_M8_BOSS_2=No. I'm the commander of Planet Crimson. You'd better surrender so that nobody gets hurt, intruders.
C18_M8_ROLE_3=We are not intruders. I demand to see the planet leader.
C18_M8_ROLE_5=Now can you lead us to your leader?
C18_M8_BOSS_6=Retreat! Retreat!
C18_M8_ROLE_7=What can I do to make them believe that I am not here to cause trouble?
C18_M8_NPC_8=Nothing. We have caused a lot of trouble already and that's something we can't avoid if we want to achieve our goal.
C18_M9_ROLE_0=Let's enter the castle. Be cautious. There might be an ambush waiting for us.
C18_M9_NPC_1=The leader must be very unhappy. We have shot down so many fleets of hers.
C18_M9_ROLE_2=Is that… the planet leader is charming.
C18_M9_BOSS_3=What do you want?
C18_M9_ROLE_4=I… I came here to… why did we come here again?
C18_M9_NPC_5=To ask some questions. To get some information. Your Highness, please stop staring at the lady and try to focus!
C18_M9_BOSS_6=What information? The data of our army? The place where we keep our treasure? The dirty secrets that can destroy the my followers' confidence in me?
C18_M9_NPC_7=Be careful, Your Highness!
C18_M9_ROLE_9=Sneak attack? I still beat you. Believe or not, I am not here to rob or overthrow you.
C18_M9_BOSS_10=Then what do you want to know? I suppose it's not some simple questions like "do you have a boyfriend" or "what's your secret diet recipes"?
C18_M9_ROLE_11=I heard you were a dancing girl. You must have gathered a lot of information when working in the club. Do you know how to restore time to this space? What happened when time disappeared from here?
C18_M9_BOSS_12=Oh, that was the darkest hour I have been trying not to remember. I was on Planet Sanddrop when time began to be vacuumed from this space. Things suddenly stop moving. 
C18_M9_BOSS_13=People stopped whatever they were doing like they suddenly fell into sleep or turned into lifeless dolls. Luckily, I was dancing on a specially-made battleship. That's how I survived.
C18_M9_ROLE_14=So you use the technology to make this planet immune from the effect of … lacking of time?    
C18_M9_BOSS_15=(surprised) You are clever. Maybe you should go to Planet Sanddrop. You may find the answers there. It's where the disaster began.

C19_TITLE=Planet Sanddrop
C19_M0_ROLE_0=This planet is huge! (Several hours later, you landed on the planet.) Flowers are blooming. Birds are chirping. Bees are buzzing and the sun is shining! What a lively and lovely place!
C19_M0_NPC_1=Yes, it looks like time doesn't exist has no effect on this planet.
C19_M0_ROLE_2=How is that possible? According to Lady Juliette's description, Planet Sanddrop should have been severely affected. She saw everything on the planet stop moving.
C19_M0_NPC_3=But everything looks quite normal here. Was Lady Juliette lying?
C19_M0_ROLE_4=Impossible. She had no reason to lie. Full speed ahead. We have to solve the mystery by ourselves.
C19_M1_NPC_0=Attention! A massive protective barrier has been detected!
C19_M1_ROLE_1=I will go see what's going on. The rest of you wait here for my order.
C19_M1_ROLE_2=Be careful, Your Highness! A fleet of air ships are coming our way!
C19_M1_ROLE_4=Who are you? Why did you attack us?
C19_M1_BOSS_5=Answer my questions first. Who are you? Why are you trespassing on our land?
C19_M1_ROLE_6=Why should I answer your questions first? I asked first so you should answer my… (sighs) Okay, I'm a prince and my planet is very far away from here. I came here to investigate why time does not exist in this space any more.
C19_M1_BOSS_7=Turn around and further your investigation somewhere else! This land does not welcome strangers!
C19_M1_ROLE_8=What? Why? And you haven't answered my previous questions.
C19_M2_BOSS_0=She said "turn around and further your investigation somewhere else". Did you not hear her? Go away before we launch more attacks to defend our land.
C19_M2_ROLE_1=Wow, more gate keepers have appeared within such a short time. Look, I mean you no harm. You can let your guard down. I just need to…
C19_M2_BOSS_2=Everybody says that. Do I look like a fool? Go away now, or the land beneath you shall become your grave.
C19_M2_ROLE_3=You have successfully provoked me!
C19_M2_ROLE_5=Spoken too soon, didn't you?
C19_M2_BOSS_6=I will fight until my last breath. I won't let you invade our land. 
C19_M3_BOSS_0=Go back and take care of your wounds, Cyborg. I will handle them.
C19_M3_ROLE_1=Oh my goodness! How many gate keepers are there? Can we have a civil conversation before starting a battle? Your fellow gate keepers attacked me first!
C19_M3_BOSS_2=Speak, then. My horse of wisdom will tell whether you are telling the truth.
C19_M3_ROLE_3=Your horse of what? Are you saying that I have to talk to a horse and my words will be judged by the horse? That's humiliating. I can sense that it doesn't like me. It is looking at me out of the corner of its eyes!
C19_M3_BOSS_4=It proves that it doesn't believe you.
C19_M3_ROLE_5=That's ridiculous! I haven't spoken to it yet!
C19_M3_ROLE_7=I think you should replace your horse! That is a really judgmental horse!
C19_M3_BOSS_8=How dare you destroy three fleets of ours and insult my horse! 
C19_M3_ROLE_9=Why do you put so many guards around this place anyway? 
C19_M3_BOSS_10=It's the secret of this great kingdom - the Kingdom of Sanddrop. Is that what you have come for, to steal the secret of our kingdom?
C19_M3_ROLE_11=No. I came to find out why time doesn't exist in this space. I'm not from this space. I want to go back to where I came from - a space time still exists. I have wandered in this timeless space for a long time already.
C19_M3_BOSS_12=Oh, poor thing. How did you enter this dreadful space anyway? We haven't been able to connect to the rest of the world for a long time. But maybe our seer or our wise Queen can help you. She know a lot.
C19_M3_ROLE_13=Really? Can you take me to your priestess or your Queen?
C19_M3_BOSS_14=No, I can't. I have to stay here and guard the entrance since the other two guardians have been wounded by you. I will shut off our protective fence for a while and let you in. Go find the white snail-shape house. That's the house of our seer Oracle.
C19_M3_ROLE_15=Thank you so much.
C19_M4_BOSS_0=Who is outside my door? What answer do you seek?
C19_M4_ROLE_1=Hi dear Seer Oracle, do you know…
C19_M4_BOSS_2=You are not from here. You are not the subject of Queen Maria. Guards!
C19_M4_ROLE_4=Seer Oracle, could you hold your fire and let me explain? The guardian riding a white horse let us in and told us how to find you.
C19_M4_BOSS_5=Valkyria? Did she lose her mind? This kingdom has not allowed anyone in for years. You are the first ones.
C19_M4_ROLE_6=Really? Why is that? So you don’t communicate or trade with people from the other planets at all?
C19_M4_BOSS_7=You shouldn't asked so many questions. Where are you from, strangers, and what do you want from us?
C19_M4_ROLE_8=I want nothing from your kingdom. I just want to know why it looks like time still exists in your kingdom. I want to leave this timeless space and go back to the space I came from. We were thrown into this world by a horrible villain.
C19_M4_BOSS_9=That is not nothing, young man. That is an ultimate secret of our kingdom. If you want the answer, you have to ask our Queen. 
C19_M4_ROLE_10=Oh, okay. Thanks. Bye.
C19_M4_BOSS_11=(suddenly acts like another person) Oh, it's you. It's you! You are finally here. The time is about to be restored. Songs will be sung, tales will be told, and you will be a legend.
C19_M4_ROLE_12=I'm sorry, what?
C19_M4_BOSS_13=But remember, the future can be changed! The future depends on what you do today. A moment, please. (a while later) Take this note to Queen Maria. 
C19_M5_ROLE_0=Let us in! We are here to meet Queen Maria! ... Wait we come in peace!
C19_M5_BOSS_2=How did you enter my kingdom? Did you kill all my guardians?
C19_M5_ROLE_3=No, wounded some maybe, but no, I haven't killed any gate keepers, I think. Here is a note from Seer Oracle, Your Majesty.
C19_M5_BOSS_4=A note from Seer Oracle? (Queen Maria read the note carefully several times and she looks shocked.) So you came to find out how to leave this timeless space? 
C19_M5_ROLE_5=Yes, Your Majesty. Seer Oracle said that you might have all the answers.
C19_M5_BOSS_6=I don't have all the answers, unfortunately. But I can tell you the secret of my kingdom, which may help you, and my bold guess.
C19_M5_ROLE_7=It's our honor to know the secret of your kingdom, Your Majesty. You are very generous. We promise we will not tell anyone else.
C19_M5_BOSS_8=This timeless world is the doing of a bunch of crazy scientists. I stormed into their lab when I found out about their project, but it was almost empty as they had moved all their equipment and files to a new location.
C19_M5_BOSS_9=But I obtained an object that can keep half of this planet from being influenced by "having no time". That's why plants can grow on this land. We don’t allow strangers to enter because we are afraid that someone may find out about the object and wage war against us.
C19_M5_ROLE_10=Oh, no wonder this planet looks exactly normal, unlike the former planet we have visited - no trees, no animals and people have to live in the specially built camps or their fighters.
C19_M5_BOSS_11=According to Seer Oracle's prophecy, the only way for you to go back to your world is by restoring time to this space first, then linking it to other spaces. 
C19_M5_BOSS_12=Go north to the other side of the planet. It's been hogged by a bunch of unknown creatures who are not affected by "having no time" at all. The answer may lie there. Be careful though, they are ferocious and unreasonable. But it is worth a try.
C19_M5_ROLE_13=Thank you very much, Your Majesty.
C19_M6_ROLE_0=Everybody stay in their air ships. Time does not exist on this side of the planet.
C19_M6_NPC_1=That side of the planet looks like paradise and this side underworld. It looks like nothing lives here and the silence is killing me.
C19_M6_ROLE_2=What's that?!
C19_M6_ROLE_4=Hey, what are you? Why did you attack me?
C19_M6_NPC_6=I don't think it can speak our language or understand us. It fled.
C19_M6_ROLE_7=Tell everyone to be careful. More may appear.
C19_M7_NPC_0=We've flied for a long time. No other living things can be seen.
C19_M7_ROLE_1=Be patient. Queen Maria said there were a bunch of these creatures.
C19_M7_NPC_2=But how can we communicate with them if they can't understand our language.
C19_M7_ROLE_3=I have no idea. Are you good at using sign language, body language?
C19_M7_NPC_4=A torch is flying towards us!
C19_M7_NPC_6=We've captured it. What do you want to do with it, Your Highness?
C19_M7_ROLE_7=Time to use our body language. (starts to use hand gestures and other body language to communicate with the flaming creature.)
C19_M7_NPC_9=I don't think it understands. It just stares at us like we are fools.
C19_M7_ROLE_10=Try harder. Ah, we should draw pictures! Pictures are easier to understand!
C19_M8_NPC_0=Your Highness, an eagle-looking creature is hurtling towards us!
C19_M8_NPC_2=We've successfully captured this one too. It is struggling really hard.
C19_M8_ROLE_3=It must have come to rescue the one we captured before. Oh, it's so touching. Try to talk to this one. Maybe it is more clever. Use body language, pictures, everything you can think of.
C19_M8_NPC_4=... (two hours later) Would you stop? Your dorky dance and doodles are killing me.
C19_M8_ROLE_5=You CAN speak?!
C19_M8_BOSS_6=Who said we couldn't? We just don't feel the need to talk. That's all.
C19_M8_NPC_7=...Now that's awkward.
C19_M8_ROLE_8=Ahek. Since you can understand us, you will understand my threats. Now, tell me why you can live in this timeless place without being turned into motionless, soulless logs, or I will kill you and your flaming friend.
C19_M8_BOSS_9=Don't kill me and my buddy. I will show you why. Fly east for 25 miles and fly into the giant black cavern. The answer lies there.
C19_M9_ROLE_0=There is a giant black cavern! Full speed ahead!
C19_M9_NPC_1=Yes, Your Highness.
C19_M9_ROLE_2=Ouch! We are being attacked! It's a trap! This one is much more powerful!
C19_M9_ROLE_4=I hate sneaky attackers. I have some questions for you. Answer me, or I will kill your torch friend and raven friend. I know you can speak our language!
C19_M9_BOSS_5=Friends? I don't have friends. Kill them, I won't even blink even if they are killed right before my eyes.
C19_M9_ROLE_6=... All right, if you don't answer my questions, I will kill you and blow your cavern up.
C19_M9_BOSS_7=Are you sent by Queen Maria? We have a treaty. You own the bright side of the planet and we own the dark side. Now you broke the treaty, it means war.
C19_M9_ROLE_8=Er, no, no no no. We are not sent by Queen Maria. We are from another space, a space time exists. We came to this space by accident. We have been trying to find a way to go back to our space.
C19_M9_BOSS_9=Oh. Hahaha! There is no way out, I assure you. You will rot here and at that time, I will come and reap your soul.
C19_M9_ROLE_10=I don't believe you! Throw it into jail. Let it join its two friends, or foes.
C19_M9_NPC_11=What should we do now, Your Highness?
C19_M9_ROLE_12=Keep searching the land. We must not give up hope.
C19_M10_ROLE_0=Is that the sun above the mountain? But how could it be? The planet is not moving, the sun is not moving and we have definitely not flied far enough to get to the bright side.
C19_M10_NPC_1=It's getting brighter and brighter as we approach. My eyes hurt.
C19_M10_ROLE_2=Maybe it's a huge light bulb. The scary creatures use it to grow vegetables. Am I mistaken or is the light bulb flying towards us?
C19_M10_BOSS_4=What are you doing on my land, humans?
C19_M10_ROLE_5=Can you dim yourself down a little? I'm almost blinded...
C19_M10_BOSS_6=No, humans. This is who I am!
C19_M10_NPC_7=Your Highness, here, put on the sunglasses!
C19_M10_ROLE_8=Brilliant. Hmm, it's much better. Hi, we came with no ill intent. We just want to find out why you are not affected by "having no time" and how to go back to the space that time exists.
C19_M10_BOSS_9=Because we are not humans. We were born in this timeless space. You can't go back to the world time exists. I won't allow it! This space must remain what it is! Arghhhh!
C19_M10_ROLE_10=It's going crazy. Go! Leave this place before it destroys our air ships! Quick!

C20_Title=Grand Finale
C20_M0_NPC_0=Where should we go now, Your Highness? We've had five battles and we have found nothing.
C20_M0_ROLE_1=To the mountain nearby. We've definitely found some clues. I just can't quite figure them out yet. Do you remember the light bulb's words? How could something be born in a timeless place? What are they?
C20_M1_NPC_0=Your Highness, something seems odd with this place. The carbon dating shows that this planet is several trillion years old.
C20_M1_ROLE_1=That's thousand time older than Earth! Could it be a remnant of the Ancient Univserse?
C20_M1_BOSS_2=Halt, who dares to intrude the ancient Temple of Time!
C20_M1_ROLE_4=Who are you? Why did you attack us?
C20_M1_BOSS_5=I am the Verdant Queen of the universe. No one shall enter the Temple of Time!
C20_M1_ROLE_6=So this place is indeed part of the Ancient Universe. Wasn't the entire Ancient Universe destroyed by the Great Collapse?
C20_M1_BOSS_7=Yes, most of the was. However, before the universe collapsed, we found this planet with special time distoration properties.
C20_M1_ROLE_8=So, that is the reason this planet wasn't affected by the collapse?
C20_M2_BOSS_0=Why waste time with intruders, guards, destroy them!
C20_M2_ROLE_1=What? Wait...
C20_M2_BOSS_3=You are pretty good intruder, but that does not give you rights to enter the Temple of Time.
C20_M2_ROLE_4=The Temple of Time? You mean that huge stone carved castle on the top of the mountain? 
C20_M2_BOSS_5=Yes, us five rulers of the universe build this temple to stop the time flow on this planet, so it won't be affected by the Great Collapse.
C20_M2_ROLE_6=You mean the rulers of the Ancient Universe, that is trillions years ago, I am now the ruler of this universe, muahahaha, now move aside so I can destroy the temple and restore time.
C20_M3_BOSS_0=How dare you desecrate the Temple of Time, without it the universe would have been completed destroyed!
C20_M3_ROLE_1=Huh, let me help you catch up to 'history', the Ancient Universe was completed destroyed, and the Big Bang created the new universe. Now move aside!
C20_M3_BOSS_3=No! Fools, you cannot destroy The Temple of Time! 
C20_M3_ROLE_4=I can't? Watch me!
C20_M4_BOSS_0=Who dare to defy the five queens of the universe?
C20_M4_ROLE_1=Defy, get out of the way or I will destroy you
C20_M4_BOSS_2=I am the Light Queen, repend for your sins or pay with blood.
C20_M4_ROLE_4=Here is your payment, the blood of your troop!
C20_M4_BOSS_5=Reckless, do you have any idea what will happen if you destroy the Temple of Time?
C20_M4_ROLE_6=No, but I guesss I will find out soon.
C20_M4_NPC_7=Your Highness, perhaps you should consider listening to what they have to say first?
C20_M4_ROLE_8=Nonesense, I would trust anything they would say. I must restore time.
C20_M5_BOSS_0=All trespassers must be die. I, the Nether Queen, shall be your terminator. 
C20_M5_ROLE_2=Tell me, what will happen if I destroy the Temple of Time?
C20_M5_BOSS_3=Fools, then time will be restored to the space.
C20_M5_ROLE_4=Perfect, then we can finally get out of this dreaded place by activating our hyper drives, which only works when time is flowing.
C20_M5_BOSS_5=Why do you think we stopped time in the first place, once time is restored, the Great Collapse will happen to this place. 
C20_M5_BOSS_6=And then it will extend to rest of the universe, trigger a second Great Collapse and will truely destroy the universe.
C20_M5_NPC_7=Your Highness, what she is saying does make sense.
C20_M5_ROLE_8=All good lies will make sense doesn't it. Do we have alternatives other that taking a risk? I don't want to get stuck here forever!
C20_M5_BOSS_9=Well then, since we can't defeat your change your mind... (the five queen starts mumble a chance in unison).
C20_M6_ROLE_0=All ships, fire at the Temple of Time.
C20_M6_NPC_1=Your Highness, it seems that our attacks are ineffective against the its shield. 
C20_M6_ROLE_2=Huh, what. Wait, strong enemy ships approaching!
C20_M6_BOSS_4=Halt, I am Aeacus, summoned by the queens of the universe to protect this temple. You will weapons will never get pass it's shield!
C20_M6_ROLE_5=Hahaha, then we will just fly into the temple and destroy it's core!
C20_M7_NPC_0=Your Highness, it appears our ships can pass the shield, but this place is huge, we need to find the core to destroy this place.
C20_M7_ROLE_1=Then let's find the core.  There is a long passage with river flowing beneath ahead, let's start there.
C20_M7_BOSS_2=Foolish Humans, turn back now. You shall never get pass me.
C20_M7_ROLE_3=Then we shall get through you!
C20_M7_BOSS_5=Ahhhh... no....
C20_M7_ROLE_6=Ahahahaha, no one shall stop me now!
C20_M8_NPC_0=Your Highness, we should be getting close now. Maybe couple more passage and doors and we should reach the core.
C20_M8_BOSS_1=Your transgression stops here. No one can escape my judgement, or I am the judge of your death.
C20_M8_ROLE_3=What a pity. I guess you can now judge your won death.
C20_M8_BOSS_4=NOOOO! Brother, avenge me!
C20_M9_BOSS_0=Rhadamanthus! Nooo! Imbeciles, I, Minos, son of Zues and the final judge, shall end you! 
C20_M9_NPC_1=Your Highness, get ready, he seems much stronger!
C20_M9_ROLE_3=You barely give me a challenge, at least better than your brother.
C20_M9_BOSS_4=Please don't go further, don't destroy the universe, there won't be another Big Bang without a time paused space to ignite it!
C20_M10_NPC_0=We have reached the core, Your Highness. Are you sure you want to destroy this place?
C20_M10_ROLE_1=We don't have a choice now, if restoring time brings back the Great Collapse, we can try to stop it again.
C20_M10_BOSS_2=I am Melinoe, the daughter of the great Persephone and Hades. I don't kill easily, but to protect the universe, my wrath will be your final nightmare!
C20_M10_ROLE_4=All ships, fire at that core!
C20_M10_BOSS_5=Nooo! Too late, I can feel the Great Collapse resuming and should happen in 15 years, that's not enough time to rebuild the Time Device!
C20_M10_NPC_6=Your Highness, she is right, spaces are destablizing, at this rate it will collapse in 15 years.
C20_M10_ROLE_7=If this planet implode, will it affect rest of the universe?
C20_M10_NPC_8=Yes, with time flow restored, the entire universe might collapse instantaneously once it starts.
C20_M10_BOSS_9=There is only one way fix this. Build a time machine and go back in time to avoid all this. However, you cannot change the fate of those outside of this space or it will also destroy the universe.
C20_M10_ROLE_10=How soon can we build a time machine on this planet?
C20_M10_NPC_11=About 15 years, Your Highness. We probably can travel back to 5 years ago before all this started. However, you do realize what you have to do?
C20_M10_ROLE_12=Sigh, yes. I just hope this time, I will become strong enough to destroy the Time Devil without getting trapped.
C20_M10_BOSS_13=You will need to gather lots of resources in the next 15 years to build a Time Machine. You may need to 'borrow' some from other resident forces.
C20_M10_ROLE_14=Then it shall be done.

War of Heroes bonus chaptersEdit

With the Cursed Destiny expansion, bonus chapters were added to the game that are not required to play, but may be fun to play through for experience and rewards. Here's an overview of their stories.

WoH 1: Heart of the OceanEdit

NPC: The Ocean Saint of Mu's planet used to have a precious necklace, Heart of the Ocean.

NPC: Unfortunately it was stolen by an infamous pirate named Kraken. The Ocean Saint offered a generous reward for capturing Kraken and returning his necklace.

Role: It's a great opportunity to make a fortune. Where is this Kraken?

NPC: He resides in the asteriod near Mu's planet, along with Three-Hands and his gang of thieves.

Role: Thief! Surrender your spoils to me and I'll spare your life.

Boss: Hehe, What an arrogant fish!

Boss: I'll rip you into pieces to avenge my sister!

Role:No more talking. Let's dance!

Boss: How dare you intrude into my home! Only I, the great Three-Hands, have the right to break into people's homes!

Role: I'm here to take back the Heart of the Ocean. Tell me where Kraken is?

Boss: Sure, I will tell you... right after I bury you.

Role: Kraken, you're under arrest. Hand over the Heart of the Ocean!

Boss: Don't make me laugh. You should know that I'm the smartest thief around the whole universe. The Heart of Ocean is mine!

Boss: NOOO! I can't lose! Please don't arrest me. I'll give you everything I have, please let me go...

Role: It's too late. You will be brought to the Ocean Saint. Save your breath to beg for his mercy instead.

NPC: Congratulations! The Heart of the Ocean is returned to its owner. The Ocean Saint is grateful for your help.