Prelude to Darkness was the second expansion to the Time World game. It was released on March 5, 2012, and despite it being the second expansion, it was the first to feature the continuation of the storyline. It was also the first time that the level cap on the buildings and heroes were raised. Finally, it featured a new type of ship, the Mobile Fortress.

Here's the full list of features in the Prelude to Darkness expansion from the Announcements and Patches page on Kongregate:

  • New Unlockable Chapters + 5th Planet

** Fight the elite pirate in chapter N and to find 5 map pieces. (piece drop rate is 10%)

    • Combine the map pieces and use the map to unlock Chapter 10 and 11. (full map also sold in mall)
    • Players in chapter N can defeat the last boss of chapter 9 again to pickup the slightly altered storyline dialog.
    • 5th Planet will be unlocked after defeating chapter 11.
  • New level caps for chapter N+ players

** Hero can now reach level 60

    • Buildings can be upgraded to level 30
    • Military and Civil techs can be upgraded to level 30
    • Racial specific weapon levels is now 26-30 instead of 21-25.
  • New Tier VI ships – “Mobile Fortress”

** Can be built with with level 26+ shipyard.

    • Mobile Fortress is worth 25M Army Strength and require 400 command to lead.
    • Each player can only have 1 Mobile Fortress assigned at any time.
  • New Hero Skills and Achievements

** Added 3 new Hero Skills

    • Added 4 new achievements
    • Added forget skill function which removes a skill from a hero and return 1 skill book. Click on hero’s skill to access the “Forget” button (costs gold).
  • Phantom Nebula – Virtual PvP Galaxy

** Phantom galaxy members are clones of random players in the game.

    • Similar to PvP, but takes 3 AP since phantoms does not revenge.
    • Phantoms are rotated every 2 hours, players attacked the phantoms has higher chance to be cloned by the phantoms.

Other Changes * When a pillar is defeated, all other unprotected pillar below 50M HP will be restored up to 10M HP (not to exceed 50M).

  • In the first 4 hours after a member joined a new galaxy, they will not be able to attack pillars, repair pillars, or receive coupons when pillar is destroyed.
  • Galaxies ranked 6+ in the damage can now take over the pillar if other previous conditions are met.