Mission IDTitleDescriptionRewards
1001003VisitDaily Mission, visit 3 different friendsDependent
1002003AttackDaily Mission, attack 3 different playersDependent
1003003Invite friendsDaily Mission, invite 3 new friends (from different IPs) to the game using URL below and have them complete chapter 1:+15 Gold
2000001Attack PirateEnter War Screen to drive out the remaining pirates.-This screen shows the enemies waiting for you to fight, click on the top one to enter combat.-Enemy dropped a chest! This happens occasionally and when you defeat bosses. Click it to open.-This is your war result, which shows losses, repairs, and damages. Click to close the battle report.-Leave the fight screen.
2000002Attack Pirate JaneClick on the "War" menu whenever you are ready to continue with the story missions.-Click on the top pirate again to finish her off!
2000003Attack Pirate JohnComplete section 2 of "Planet Under Siege" (Click on the "War" icon at the bottom of the game screen)
2000004Attack Pirate ArionDefeat Arion the pirate leader. (Click on the "War" icon at the bottom of the game screen)
2000005Attack Pirate ScoutComplete section 1 of "Bad day to Be a Pirate"
2000006Attack Pirate SecurityComplete section 2 of "Bad day to Be a Pirate"
2000007Attack Pirate GuardComplete section 3 of "Bad day to Be a Pirate"
2000008Attack ArionDefeat Arion the pirate leader.
2000009Attack Grassland SaintComplete section 1 of "Challenge of the Saints"
2000010Attack Ocean SaintComplete section 2 of "Challenge of the Saints"
2000011Attack Forest SaintComplete section 3 of "Challenge of the Saints"
2000012Attack Guardian BeastDefeat Guardian Beast the magical beast on Mu's plant
2000013Attack ArtemisComplete section 1 of "Magical Mountain Top"
2000014Attack SoujinComplete section 2 of "Magical Mountain Top"310, 310, 160
2000015Attack GrendelComplete section 3 of "Magical Mountain Top"360, 360, 180
2000016Attack VenedirComplete section 4 of "Magical Mountain Top"
2000017Attack Alcon's GuardianDefeat Alcon's Guardian the powerful mechanical guardian
2000018Attack AntonComplete section 1 of "Warring Tribes"
2000019Attack AndrianaComplete section 2 of "Warring Tribes"
2000020Attack AnrisComplete section 3 of "Warring Tribes"
2000021Attack NaddarComplete section 4 of "Warring Tribes"
2000022Attack Mask KillerDefeat Masked Killer the Veeren boss
2000023Attack Captain RichardComplete section 1 of "Final Destination"
2000024Attack Captain MichelleComplete section 2 of "Final Destination"
2000025Attack Captain GeneComplete section 3 of "Final Destination"
2000026Attack General DePaulComplete section 4 of "Final Destination"
2000027Attack General CyanaComplete section 5 of "Final Destination"
2000028Attack Space DevilDefeat Space Devil the pirates' boss
2000029Attack Fire SpiritComplete section 1 of "The Legendary Armor"
2000030Attack Earth SpiritComplete section 2 of "The Legendary Armor"
2000031Attack Water SpiritComplete section 3 of "The Legendary Armor"
2000032Attack Wind SpiritComplete section 4 of "The Legendary Armor"
2000033Attack Thunder SpiritComplete section 5 of "The Legendary Armor"
2000034Attack Light SpiritComplete section 6 of "The Legendary Armor"
2000035Attack AthenaDefeat Athena the Goddess of Wisdom
2000036Attack Strength GuardianComplete section 1 of "Ares's Weapon"
2000037Attack Speed GuardianComplete section 2 of "Ares's Weapon"
2000038Attack GuardianComplete section 3 of "Ares's Weapon"
2000039Attack Defense GuardianComplete section 4 of "Ares's Weapon"
2000040Attack Defense GuardianComplete section 5 of "Ares's Weapon"
2000041Attack Patience GuardianComplete section 6 of "Ares's Weapon"
2000042Attack Rage GuardianDefeat Ares the God of War
2000043Attack General PrissyComplete section 1 of "Final Showdown"
2000044Attack General ThomasComplete section 2 of "Final Showdown"
2000045Attack General AliceComplete section 3 of "Final Showdown"
2000046Attack Lord AntonioComplete section 4 of "Final Showdown"
2000047Attack Lord AllanComplete section 5 of "Final Showdown"
2000048Attack Lady AlexaComplete section 6 of "Final Showdown"
2000049Attack Lady KatherineComplete section 7 of "Final Showdown"
2000050Attack Space DevilDefeat Space Devil the last boss
3001001"Laboratory" Lv 1Our Laboratory have been damaged in the attack. Please enter the Laboratory to repair it.-Click "Upgrade" to repair the Laboratory. You can improve building functions by upgrading them.-Choose a hero that will perform the Laboratory upgrade.-Upgrading Laboratory.+500 Ore
3002001"Missile Defense" Lv 1We need to research a new device to help us fight back. Please enter the Laboratory.-The pirates used missiles to attack us, so let's research the Missile Defense device. Click the "+"-Choose a hero to upgrade the research level. Remember to research and upgrade other techs later.-Researching tech for the Missile Defense device.
3003001Recruit Green heroWe need to enter the Tavern and hire a hero to help us rebuild and fight back.-You found a green (uncommon) hero! Click to recruit this hero!
3003002Build FighterPlease enter the Shipyard to build a fleet for our army.-Select the available ship class, more will be unlocked when you upgrade the Shipyard.-Choose the ship device to complete the design. Good designs with leveled techs helps you win.-Click to build ships for your new design. You can design more fleets for your heroes to optimize strategy.-Choose the hero to build the ships. Tasks give hero experience, so they can level up and gain attributes.-Building ships, please wait...
3003003assign armyThe ships you designed is now built, please open the "Army" menu to view them-Click on the ships you want to assign to a hero.-Click to accept the assignment. Remember to always assign your ships after they are built.
3003004Equip a heroGive a hero an equipment
3003005Add friendAdd friend
3003006Send mailSend mail
3003007Spy PlayerSpy on another player
3003008Attack PlayerSuccessfully attack an enemy player
3003009Assign attributesAssign attributes to a hero
3003010Donate OreDonate ore to your galaxy. Go to the galaxy screen then click "open" to expand the member list. Use the box on the right.
3003011Build FrigateBuild a fleet of Frigate ships
3003012TradeGo to the tavern to trade resources one time
3003013Build CruiserBuild a fleet of Cruiser ships
3003014Recruit Blue HeroGo to the tavern and recruit a Blue Hero
3003015Build BattleshipBuild a fleet of Battleship ships
3003016Build MothershipBuild a fleet of Mothership ships
3003017Skill BookGive a hero skill by using a skill book
3003018Recruit Purple HeroGo to the tavern and recruit a Purple Hero