Laboratory Tech

Laboratory Tech screen

Time World includes many kinds of Techs to be researched. It can vary between techs that boost a specific type of weapon (Weapon Tech), civil technology (Institute Tech) and others (Laboratory Tech).

This article shows a list of Laboratory Techs avaiable. Those are to be upgraded on the Laboratory building.

Perk TechnologyEdit

Tech Name Effect Default (Lv 1) Boost per level
Missile Defense Filters Missile Damage 2% 2%
Laser Defense Filters Laser Damage 2% 2%
Biochem Defense Filters Biochem Damage 2% 2%
Carrot Defense Filters Carrot Damage 2% 2%
Defense Filters Damage 1% 1%
Armor Filters Damage 1% 1%
Lethality Defense Filters Lethality 1% 1%
Dodge Chance of not taking damage* 1% 1%
Speed Increases speed** 1%


Dodge is also effected by enemy's Hit.

Between two ships of the same class, the one with highest Speed attacks first.

Offensive TechnologyEdit

Tech Name Effect Default (Lv 1) Boost per level
Attack Increases damage 1% 1%
Target Reduces effectiveness of opponent's Dodge 1% 1%
Lethality Increases chance of destroying enemy ships* 1% 1%

  • By Destroy, make it impossible to repair after the battle is done, causing permanent loss of the ship.