Institute Tech

Institute Tech

Time World includes many kinds of Techs to be researched. It can vary between techs that boost a specific type of weapon (Weapon Tech), civil technology (Institute Tech) and others (Laboratory Tech).

This article shows a list of Laboratory Techs avaiable. Those are to be upgraded on the Institute building.

Perk TechnologyEdit

Tech Name Effect Default (Lv 1) Boost per level
Construction Increases Building Speed 1% 1%
Production Increases Ship Build Speed 1% 1%
Spy More information when Spying N/A N/A
Exploration Increases Visiting Award 2X 1X
Productivity Increases resource output 1% 1%
Create Galaxy Lets you create a galaxy N/A N/A

The Spy Tech increases the chance of gathering specific Spy information. If your Spy tech is too low, when spying one's heroes you may only see some of them instead of all.