Dinos are monsters summoned by the raid boss Summoner.


They come in 3 colors, each variant with a special ability.

The Red Dino has a Jetpack, providing increased walking speed, and has a high amount of damage if compared to others. As their rank (white/green/blue/purple) goes up, only their damage and HP increases.

The Blue Dino has ranged, poisonous moves. They can attack from a considerable distance, while causing poison to enemies that takes the damage (does not apply if damage is blocked by the hero's Heavy Armor skill). As the rank goes up, the poison lasts longer, and their damage and HP increase.

The Green Dino has the highest HP and a damage fixed at 3 in all ranks. They have Heavy Armor skill starting at 2 (white/green), increasing to 3 (blue) and finally 4 (purple). Their HP also grows as the rank passes. This makes them born tankers prepared to resist most moves.