Cursed Destiny was the fourth expansion to the Time World game. It came out on October 30, 2012, and saw the addition of War of Heroes bonus chapters. It also featured a new gem boss that's available to players that have finished chapter 12. Here's the full list of new features and updates from playmage's Announcements and Patches page on Kongregate.

  • Expanded Storyline

** Added 2 new exciting chapters (no additional map unlocks required for players who finished chapter 11)

    • Unlock the 6th planet by completing chapter 13 (starts with lvl 20 control center & emplacement)
    • Added Metal World Gem Boss (fragment drops for chapter 12+ players, select boss from the second page of the “Gems” tab in raid team creation flow)
    • Added New Royal hero equipment set – purchasable with coupons in the Mall.
  • Expanded War of Heroes

** Added 3 New WoH Skills Cards: Heal, Repel (damage + pushback), Laser (AoE damage)

    • Added a New WoH Boss
    • Added 3 WoH bonus chapters (unlocked after main story chapter 3, 7, 10. use map screen to access)
    • Added new main character equipment set
    • All snipers have both Attack and HP increased by 1
    • Card rating location moved to the top where it’s more visible
    • Maximum deck size set to 40 (previously was limited to 39 naturally)
  • Increase Level Caps

** Maximum Hero Level increased to 70

    • Maximum Building Level increased to 35
    • Maximum Tech Level increased to 35
  • Pillar Changes

** Added pillage damage ranking in the galaxy setting’s rank screen (damage counting starting from expansion, resets if change galaxy)

    • Pillar maximum health increased to 200M.
    • Newly claimed pillar will have higher starting life value.

Misc Improvements and Changes * Switching equipments to a different “build” attribute bonus now automatically adjust task time (no long preventing switching to lower build value).

  • Switching equipments to a different “command” attribute bonus now automatically can now automatically adjust ships assigned (increases only if previous fully assigned, decreases if accept prompt to change)
  • The 1 attack per hour limit applied to both victory defeat when attack another player’s planet (previous only applied when attacker wins)
  • When bidding Auction items in the Mall, galaxy member’s bids will appear in gold italics.
  • Increased resource generation for building lvl26-30