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10100=Pirate Jane: She likes to borrow resources from other planets, by force.
10200=Pirate John: A seasoned space bandit who will stop at nothing to getting his loot. 
10300=Arion: Cunning and devious leader of the pirates and the ruler of the pirate planet.
20100=Pirate Scout: She is in charge of the first line of defense for the Pirate Planet.
20200=Pirate Security: Security guard who protects the entrance to the Pirate's Space Castle.
20300=Pirate Guard: She is Arion's personal bodyguard.
20400=Arion: The pirate boss has a much stronger force at his own home base. 
30100=Grassland Saint: The green saint of grasslands, protecting the first destination coordinate of Mu's gemstone. 
30200=Ocean Saint: The blue saint of oceans, protecting the second destination coordinate of Mu's gemstone.
30300=Forest Saint: Powerful saint of the forests, protecting the final destination coordinate of Mu's gemstone.
30400=Guardian Beast: A magical beast who guards the gemstone on Mu's Planet.
40100=Artemis: A young and loyal elder guarding the eastern side of the Holy Mountain.
40200=Soujin: Talented and wise elder who protects the southern side of the Holy Mountain.
40300=Grendel: Paranoid and stubborn elder guarding the western side of the Holy Mountain.
40400=Venedir: Strong and skillful elder who protects the northern side of the Holy Mountain.
40500=Alcon's Guardian: A powerful mechanical guardian protecting the Alcon's gemstone.
50100=Anton: A Veeren tribe leader known for his bad tempers and over-confidence.
50200=Adriana: A Veeren tribe leader who will let no one near her treasures.
50300=Anris: A proud Veeren tribe leader who can be easily angered.
50400=Naddar: A brave Veeren leader who is loyal to his kin.
50500=Masked Man: An evil masked man who is on a seek and destroy mission.
60100=Captain Richard: This handsome captain of the enemy force is skillful but inexperienced.
60200=Captain Michelle: This pretty captain of the enemy force has fast reflexes.
60300=Captain Gene: Captain of the enemy force, known for her bossy nature.
60400=General DePaul: General of the enemy force nicknamed scarred gray lion.
60500=General Cyana: One of the high ranking generals in the enemy force.
60600="Space Devil": The antagonist of the story who hired the pirates to attack your planet.
70100=Fire Sprit: Friendly elemental spirit. Caution, don't play with fire.
70200=Earth Spirit: Energetic element spirit who welcomes any challengers.
70300=Water Spirit: Playful element spirit who likes all kinds of jokes.
70400=Wind Spirit: This elemental spirit can be anywhere and nowhere.
70500=Thunder Spirit: Don't fear the roaring thunders; fear the elemental that causes it.
70600=Light Spirit: Let there be light, and there was no more darkness.
70700=Athena: Goddess of Wisdom, Courage, and Justice. She is the protector of Legendary Armor.
80100=Strength Guardian: Being strong is always better than being weak. 
80200=Speed Guardian: Fast and furious?  Better watch out!
80300=Attack Guardian: This guardian has very powerful attacks. 
80400=Defense Guardian: Rumored to have an impenetrable defense.
80500=Patience Guardian: The guardian has great patience, do you?
80600=Rage Guardian: Can suddenly attack with instant rage.
80700=Ares: God of War. Do not underestimate this graceful protector of the Legendary Weapon.
90100=General Prissy: Sensitive and self-confidence, one of the female generals of the enemy.
90200=General Thomas: General of the enemy forces, known to torture his opponents.
90300=General Alice: Don't let the pretty face deceive you, she is a ruthless killer.
90400=Lord Antonio: High ranking lord and a loyal follower of the enemy.
90500=Lord Allan: High ranking lord, brother of Antonio.
90600=Lady Alexa: One of the most trusted subordinate of the enemy.
90700=Lady Katherine: This beauty is second in command of the enemy force.
90800="Space Devil": Can you win in this final showdown?
100100=Elite Pirates: There are still many other pirates in the galaxy waiting for you to dispose.
boss101=Snow Man:He Only appears Christmas Day.
boss201=Bubble Mook:Bubble member
boss202=Bubble Wizard:Bubble member
boss203=Bubble Lord:Bubble member
boss301=Gloom Sailor:Gloom member
boss302=Gloom Crew:Gloom member
boss303=Gloom Captain:Gloom member
boss401=Dragon Wizard:Dragon member
boss402=Dragon Saber:Dragon member
boss403=Dragon Lord:Dragon member

raidGalaxy2=Bubble World
raidGalaxy3=Spirit World
raidGalaxy4=Demon World
raidBoss101=Da Snowman
raidBoss201=Bubble Kid
raidBoss202=Bubble Queen
raidBoss203=Bubble King
raidBoss301=Spirit Sailor
raidBoss302=Spirit Captain
raidBoss303=Lord of Spirits
raidBoss401=Demon Guard
raidBoss402=Demon Lord
bossInfo101=The Snowman ran off with Santa's sled and presents. Defeat him before he ruins Christmas!
bossInfo201=This spoiled teenager loves visitors, which he use as practice target.
bossInfo202=Don't mess with the queen of bubbles, or she won't be very happy.
bossInfo203=The king of bubbles would like to teach you some respect. 
bossInfo301=Don't be fooled by the goofy looks of this drunken spirit sailor.
bossInfo302=The captain of the spirit fleet isn't too happy about your recent attacks.
bossInfo303=Your invasion has angered the lord of the spirit world.  Be prepared to fight.
bossInfo401=This elite demon guards the entrance to the demon world.
bossInfo402=Lord of the demon world has been summoned to take care of the intruders.
bossInfo403=You have reached place of Aspyromuth, the king of demons.  Will you be strong enough to survive?